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BaxtorBro BaxtorBro 14 days ago

Image dump

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Niigoverse Master List

If you see anything missing, please say something in the comments and I'll add it. If you do comment, please tag me in the comment or else fandom won't notify me.

No one is safe from the niigoverse

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WaferSpace WaferSpace 16 July

Project sekai: fav characters

An (VBS)

she’s really cool and I like her design 😊


Akito (VBS)

okay okay hear me out

he’s a cool guy in general, I DO kinda hate him bc he hates dogs

also orange is my favorite color

8/10 (for being a jerk ((and hating dogs))

Kohane (VBS)

cute underrated girl 😁😁😁

I love her VBS design

akito stop being bully >:(


Tsukasa (WxS)

overrated yet cool

stop shipping him with rui guys

9/10 (I want that chocolate popcorn)

Shiho (L/n)

I like her personality it’s so cute

i also relate to her having a big sister who bugs you around


Ena (N25)

I also relate to her as a grumpy artist


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Templates I've Made

  • 1 Un-color coded lyrics
  • 2 Songs that cannot have full lyrics
  • 3 Songs with unfinished lyrics
  • 4 Flash warning

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HimeMiko1987 HimeMiko1987 10 June

This is just a test


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Vixhr Vixhr 14 May

Skill names

just a collection of how skills should be formatted on the wiki

  • Score boost: NaN& score boost for 5 seconds
  • Life Recovery + Score boost: Recover NaN life; NaN% score boost for 5 seconds
  • Score boost (PERFECT): Score boost 100% for 5 seconds (PERFECTs only)
  • Perfect Lock (BAD and higher): All BADs and higher will become PERFECTs for 7 seconds; 100% score boost for 5 seconds
  • Perfect Lock (GREAT): All GREATs will become PERFECTs for 6 seconds; 30% score boost for 5 seconds
  • Perfect Lock (GOOD and higher): All GOODs and higher will become PERFECTs for 6.5 seconds; 60% score boost for 5 seconds
  • Colorfes skill 1 (Life Scorer): Score boost 90% if life is under 800 (120% if life is over 800) for 5 seconds
    For every 10 life, score is increased by +1% (up to 140%)
  • Co…
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Notgladiandlil Notgladiandlil 12 May

To You Who Aims to Be an Idol Momoi Airi

I'm currently going around trying to fix everything that needs to be changed with the change of the card name, but I'm not really sure how to add back cards/transparents with the edited card name, because whenever I search for them, they just never show up. Can someone teach me how to do it, please?

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Notgladiandlil Notgladiandlil 8 May

Shared Backgrounds

I was doing transcriptions for Haruka's MORE MORE JUMP! 2 star, and in the second side story, the background was the exact same as one in the Wonderlands x Showtime story, but with a different name. The background also isn't in the background database, so I'm not sure what to upload it as. In the Wonderlands x Showtime story, it's just labeled "Audition Site", but in Haruka's MORE MORE JUMP! card, they labeled it as Rehearsal Studio. What should it be uploaded as?

Here's the file by the way

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Notgladiandlil Notgladiandlil 5 May

Airi's Room Background

I was transcribing for the Time to RE:START! story, but I found that Airi's Room has two variations, one from when she was a child, and one that is her current room as a teenager. Is it a necessary addition or can it be left the way it is?

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Notgladiandlil Notgladiandlil 2 May

Card Costumes

I didn't realize it would come out small by accident-

Could someone with image permissions modify/delete the old Nestle Crinoline file so that it can be re-uploaded as the proper size? Thanks

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stuff for me to copy and paste

so i don't have to write it out every time

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Cherryb9mb Cherryb9mb 26 April

Cheerful Live Party Names

The way Cheerful Live party names are decided is quite interesting to me, so here's a little explanation of how it works!

EDIT: Wow I did not expect so many people outside the wiki to see this! These translations might not be entirely accurate since I did them myself pretty quickly and I'm not proficient in translating. I still hope they're helpful for you guys! You can check the original Japanese names on under 'cheerfulCarnivalPartyNames'.

There are around 2000 possible party names that are decided by the five leading characters in a team.

  • ~200 of those are based on individual characters, with each character having two to six names.
  • 31 names are based on units, with each unit having 6 different names
    • VIRTUAL SINGER only has one possib…
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Notgladiandlil Notgladiandlil 22 April

Story Backgrounds

I am incredibly sorry for any re-uploads I may have added while I was working on the Imprisoned Marionette event story! I wasn't sure of what the file names were, and I didn't think to check, and now there's a lot of duplicate files... I should've looked into other pages to see if I could find a pre-existing file first

Really sorry, again...

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Doritodorito Doritodorito 21 April

I fixed RAD DOGS

{{Song2 |color = #ee1166 |image = |}

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How To Make A Cool User Page

This guide works for only this wiki, as different wikis have different templates.

Almost all of this is done in the source editor. Anything in caps is what you fill out and anything in bold is something important.

If you copy and paste these, there will be extra indents added in between them. This won't affect anything and you can fix it by clicking on the indents and pressing backspace.

First you need to use the template

Okay that's about all from me and I'll happily answer any questions you may have :>

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Notgladiandlil Notgladiandlil 9 April

Cards with Unofficial English Translations

I was going through the events list, and I found that there's a mix of cards that do have the official English translation, and cards that don't have the official English translation. Is there a way I'd be able to help with the translations or would it be better left to someone more experienced?

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Cherryb9mb Cherryb9mb 5 April

Transcript Style Guide

Hello to all our new contributors! Thank you so much for helping out with the Project SEKAI Wiki. Since there are new people adding transcripts to the wiki, I wanted to make a short how-to to keep things uniform across different pages, and add readability to story pages.

  • 1 Getting Transcripts
  • 2 Transcript Formatter
  • 3 Needed Transcripts
  • 4 Using Templates
    • 4.1 Dialog

For all transcripts released in EN, official translations should be used. Fan translations should only be used if there is no official translation and with express permission from the translator. Fan translations should be credited at the top of the transcript page.

To find transcripts, it's highly recommended to use Sekai Viewer. If there is an issue with Sekai Viewer, transcripts can be copi…

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Mysticgachauwu Mysticgachauwu 5 April

Random Thoughts about Project Sekai

Hello, welcome to my user blog, feel free to scroll through my randoms thoughts about Project Sekai

  • 1 Mizuki Akiyama
  • 2 Vflower
  • 3 Project Sekai Pretty Cure
  • 4 Sonic the Hedgehog

Why does everyone like them? Not to be rude, I think Mizuki is just fine, but I don't understand why they're so popular. Its sort of a common pattern when I join a fandom, there will be a character everyone adores, except for me who either just finds them ok or dislikes them. I can at least find why people like Rui, he basically is a Tumblr seggsyman, and everyone at least some point fell in love with a Tumblr seggsyman (Edit: There used to be a part where I said Mizuki was Force Feminized, I have searched up what Force Feminization means, it actually means something very ina…

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complimentary images for my entertainment

i like to go through the galleries and find cards/cover art/ect. that compliment each other :>

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MinaQuest MinaQuest 10 December 2021



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Vixhr Vixhr 23 November 2021

Limited Cards

i never realized every character has a limited card until now

  • 2 Leo/need
  • 4 Vivid BAD SQUAD
  • 5 Wonderlands x Showtime
  • 6 25-ji, Nightcord de.

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Haro Takahashi Haro Takahashi 27 August 2021

I Play:

I play BanG Dream and D4DJ!

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Doritodorito Doritodorito 1 May 2021

Yoru ni Kakeru but they sing it together

I've seen some people do this before, so I wanted to do my own take on it, but because I can't edit, I put it in a blog post.


kawaranai hibi ni naite ita boku o

kimi wa yasashiku owari e to sasou

shizumu you ni tokete yuku you ni

shimitsuita kiri ga hareru

wasurete shimaitakute tojikometa hibi ni

sashinobete kureta kimi no te o toru

suzushii kaze ga sora o oyogu you ni ima

fukinukete iku

tsunaida te o hanasanaide yo

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Akitoshinonomes Akitoshinonomes 12 March 2021

akito shinonome

man. i love this guy

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CrystaltheCool CrystaltheCool 4 March 2021

Quick Guide for Color-Coded Lyrics

see this lol

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Celestialkae Celestialkae 21 February 2021

Colour coding lyrics

I am planning to add lyrics to any and all songs on the ProSekai wiki that don't already have the lyrics. However, colour coding them is hard to do by ear - I try my best, but I am sure there will be some mistakes. Apologies in advance!

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Sayakoo Sayakoo 13 February 2021

Character Event Banner Appearance

Ichika ~

Saki ~

Honami ~

Shiho ~

Minori ~

Haruka ~

Airi ~

Shizuku ~

Kohane ~

An ~

Akito ~

Touya ~

Tsukasa ~

Emu ~

Nene ~

Rui ~

Kanade ~

Mafuyu ~

Ena ~

Mizuki ~

Miku (LN) ~

Luka (LN) ~

Miku (MMJ!) ~

Rin (MMJ!) ~

Miku (VBS) ~

Len (VBS) ~


Miku (WxS) ~


Miku (25-ji) ~

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HannaSaruba HannaSaruba 17 December 2020


Hi! That's all lol!

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GlorysiaMelodyYT GlorysiaMelodyYT 21 November 2020

Template Tests

This is Glorysia. I'll show you I've made some Templates are in testing.

  • 1 Normally used on articles
    • 1.1 Protected
    • 1.2 Semi-protected
    • 1.3 Delete
    • 1.4 Stub
    • 1.5 Transcript Stub
    • 1.6 Featured article
    • 1.7 Upcoming Song
    • 1.8 Upcoming Event
    • 1.9 Requested Song
    • 1.10 MissingLyrics
    • 1.11 MistakeLyrics
    • 1.12 InappropriateLyrics (formerly CensoredLyrics)
    • 1.13 Content Warning
    • 1.14 RemovedLyrics (rarely)
    • 1.15 Sensitivity Warning
    • 1.16 Unknown Difficulty
    • 1.17 Unknown Unit
    • 1.18 Clean
    • 1.19 Vandalized
    • 1.20 ImageGallery
    • 1.21 ImageGalleryVS
  • 2 Alerts/Punishments
    • 2.1 New
    • 2.2 Warning
    • 2.3 Warning 2
    • 2.4 Last Warning
    • 2.5 Banned
    • 2.6 Admin
    • 2.7 Retired
    • 2.8 Janitor
    • 2.9 SOAP

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水川船長 水川船長 20 November 2020

How did you get into PuroSeka

I got into pjsekai because of this wiki so i wanna ask yall how did you get in to this rabbit hole?

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MeiMeii MeiMeii 9 November 2020

Big to do list

This is simply a place I'll write down all I feel is needed to be done.

  • 1 To-do
    • 1.1 Pages
      • 1.1.1 Songs
      • 1.1.2 Images
    • 1.2 Cards
    • 1.3 Templates
    • 1.4 Discord
  • 2 Finished
    • 2.1 Templates

  • Get all pages to have the Miraheze link template

  • Add all the needed info on every song page
  • Find a full playthrough of every difficulty of a song
  • Create the Sekai/Virtual singer tabber
  • Get all versions on

  • Add the different rarities and gacha/event sections to all image pages
  • Add name under every card image
  • Write romaji of all stamps

  • Make a list over characters whos card list is in wrong order

  • Create the story template - Finished November 9-11, 2020
    • Create the character icons to match the in game ones
  • Figure out why skills module won't show new add ones

  • Add emote role reaction post
  • Add emotes

  • Added o…

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Sayakoo Sayakoo 9 November 2020


testing yes idk what im doing anyways

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GlorysiaMelodyYT GlorysiaMelodyYT 29 July 2020

Glorysia will be in charge of Project Sekai as Admin

As of late July, I'll starting to in chargement of the Project Sekai wiki as an admin. After four months of absences of the wiki.

However, because of the admins are on the Miraheze, please join if you want, see ya later!

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Kochimochi Kochimochi 4 June 2020

Who's your favorite project sekai character?

Hey guys! This doesn't have to do with anything, but I wanna know who your favorite project sekai character is! So, please fill out this form!

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