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To obtain this song you'll have to exchange 10 Icon musicCard.png Music Cards in the music shop.

drop pop candy is a song covered by Vivid BAD SQUAD.

The original song is composed by Giga and features the Vocaloids Kagamine Rin and Megurine Luka.


Easy.png Easy Lv 6 156 notes
Normal.png Normal Lv 12 322 notes
Hard.png Hard Lv 17 546 notes
Expert.png Expert Lv 25 773 notes
Master.png Master Lv 28 902 notes


No. Songs Duration Audio
00 Drop pop candy (Game - VIRTUAL SINGER ver.) 01:46
01 Drop pop candy (Game - VBS ver.) 01:46




『drop pop candy』3DMVゲームサイズ公開!


『drop pop candy』(難易度:HARD)プレイ動画を一部先行公開!



amefuri demo kasa wa sasanai no
(hajimemashite to neko wa naku)
okiniiri no hiiru wo nurasu no

nanigenai you na nichijou ga ima hora
kawaritai to aiiro ni somari dasu
mizutamari ni utsuru ichibyou kan

tada ichido kono me de mite mitai dake nano

odoru yo sekai ga yuraide mawaru no!
todoku yo sokudo wo agete

kakedashitai no ashita made hitottobi
kinou no kare mo asayake mo inai kedo sore de sore de ii no

zutto tsuzuiteku kitto susunderu
motto aishiteru! hibi mo kimi mo
isso nana koronde nankai okiagatte
sou yatte mata kyou mo meguri aeteru

omoi atte iku korekara zutto




ただ一度この目で 見てみたいだけなの


駆け出したいの 明日まで ひとっ飛び
昨日の彼も朝焼けもいないけど それでそれでいいの

ずっと続いてく きっと進んでる
もっと愛してる! 日々を君を
いっそ七転んで 何回起き上がって
そうやってまた今 巡り合えてる


English translation by Dropkick Subs.

Even when it’s raining, I don’t use an umbrella
(The cat meows “It’s a pleasure to meet you”)
My most beloved high heels get soaked

See now, how the run-of-the-mill everyday life
Is being dyed in blue as if wanting to change
That one second when it appears in the puddle

I just want to see it one time with my own eyes, that’s all

I am dancing, the whole wide world shaking up goes round and round!
We will reach it, so let's pick up the speed

I just want to break out and run until tomorrow in one fell swoop
Although the guy from yesterday isn’t here in the early morning light, that’s okay, that’s all okay

Always keep on going, it’s definitely moving forward
I love you more and more! With each day and you too
And just fall over and over, then get back up many times
By doing this we can again see one another today

Continue to love one another from now on and always

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