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Hanasato Minori is female Hanasato Minori is a member of MORE MORE JUMP!

Area Conversation
"Let’s do our very, very, veeeery best!"
―Hanasato Minori

Hanasato Minori (花里みのり) is a first-year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. She is a member of the idol group MORE MORE JUMP!


Minori is a big fan of Kiritani Haruka from the idol group ASRUN. Like her longtime inspiration, Minori has also set her sights on becoming an idol. She has tried her hand at multiple auditions but failed every time. Despite this, she never gives up and continues to try in order to achieve her dreams.

She is also Hinomori Shiho and Azusawa Kohane's classmate.


Minori has light grey eyes and shoulder-length light brown hair, worn loose. her hair has a braid to her right side clipped back with an orange and white flower pin.

Minori shares a similar outfit to that of the rest of her group members: a white sleeveless blouse with a black ribbon underneath a vest, a black and white ruffled skirt with multiple layers, a loose black belt adorned with the group's three-leaf clover motif, and white heeled shoes. The design of Minori's vest is the same as Haruka's. Minori's outfit differs with the color orange accenting her outfit and a white ruffled arm band on her upper right arm.


Minori is an optimistic, hard-working and innocent-minded girl who has shown her determination and dedication to becoming an idol, something others often compliment her on. She is clumsy, thus having a tendency to get panicked easily, and often has trouble keeping her composure. This is accompanied by her habit of saying whatever's on her mind, and she seems to find it easier to express her emotions without restraint, be it willingly or not.

She looks up to many of her friends and classmates and aspires to be like them, motivating her. As she grows as both a person and an upcoming idol, she desires to bring the happiness that Kiritani Haruka used to feel as an idol before retirement. Although it may not seem like so upon first meeting her, she's an empathetic and emotionally mature young girl.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Minori interacts with in the game.

Haruka (icon).pngAiri (icon).pngShizuku (icon).pngMiku mmj (icon).pngRin mmj (icon).pngLuka (icon).pngMeiko (icon).pngKohane (icon).pngShiho (icon).pngAkito (icon).pngTouya (icon).pngIchika (icon).pngSaki (icon).pngHonami (icon).pngEmu (icon).pngMafuyu (icon).pngTsukasa (icon).pngKanade (icon).png


Kiritani Haruka: Longlife idol and fellow group member. Minori wants to be just like her.

Momoi Airi: Fellow group member. Airi is teaching Minori how to be an idol.

Hinomori Shizuku: Fellow group member. Minori is fascinated by her beauty while Shizuku sees her as friend.


Minori is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the SEKAI versions of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
Happy Synthesizer EasyPop 09/30/2020
Near Natsushiro Takaaki 10/02/2020
Viva Happy Mitchie M 10/11/2020
Melty Land Nightmare Harumaki Gohan 10/25/2020
Renai Saiban 40mP 12/30/2020
Milk Crown on Sonnetica Yujii 02/06/2021
Dreamin Chuchu emon(Tes.) 04/12/2021
Marshmary MIMI 10/10/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Tenshi no Clover DIVELA 04/30/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Wah Wah World Mitchie M / Giga 09/30/2020
Idol Shin'eitai Mitchie M 09/30/2020
More! Jump! More! NayutalieN 11/19/2020
Color of Drops 40mP 01/29/2021
Ai no Material Junky 05/21/2021
Ice Drop Aqu3ra 08/18/2021
Gunjou Sanka Eve 09/30/2021

Introduction Video


【MORE MORE JUMP!】花里 みのり(CV.小倉 唯)


  • She has a younger brother who's currently in elementary school.
  • She owns a pet Samoyed named Samo-chan.
  • She has the same height as Miku and Ena.
  • She is an Animal Care committee member alongside Kohane.

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