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Hinomori Shiho is female Hinomori Shiho is a member of Leo/need

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"Leave me alone. I got stuff to do."
―Hinomori Shiho

Hinomori Shiho (日野森志歩) is a first-year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. She's the bassist of Leo/need.

She's childhood friends with her fellow band members.


Shiho used to be childhood friends with Hoshino Ichika, Tenma Saki, and Mochizuki Honami, however, because of an incident in school, their relationship became strained.

She is classmates with Hanasato Minori and Azusawa Kohane, and the younger sister of Shizuku Hinomori.


Shiho has green eyes and short gray hair.

Her casual outfit consists of a dark green dress shirt with both yellow and white lining, white socks and black and white sneakers

Her band uniform consists of a white blouse with red and white stripped tie in form of bow covered with light green jersey with purple and white line on her right arm, black glove on her left hand, black skirt with light green lining and black sneakers with black cropped socks.


Shiho is very introverted and dislikes interacting with others. She immerses herself in things she likes and doesn't care what other people think. While she cares for her friends deeply, she is not afraid to be tough on them when she feels it's necessary. She takes band practice very seriously, and often leads the group due to her having the most experience. She wants to peruse her music professional someday.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Shiho interacts with in the game.

Ichika (icon).pngSaki (icon).pngHonami (icon).pngMinori (icon).pngHaruka (icon).pngAiri (icon).pngShizuku (icon).pngKohane (icon).pngTsukasa (icon).pngEmu (icon).pngMafuyu (icon).pngMiku ln (icon).pngLuka ln (icon).png


Hoshino Ichika: Childhood friends and bandmates. While their relationship was once strained, they have since made up.

Tenma Saki: Childhood friends and bandmates. While their relationship was once strained and awkward, they have since made up. Shiho can occasionally get annoyed by her carefree attitude, but also worries deeply for her wellbeing and praises her for doing well in practice.

Mochizuki Honami: Childhood friends and bandmates. While their relationship was once strained, they have since made up. Shiho can occasionally be a bit harsh to Honami, but only as a form of "tough love".

Hinomori Shizuku: Older sister. Shiho dislikes her because she's often bothering her.

Hanasato Minori: Classmates from 1-A.

Azusawa Kohane: Classmates from 1-A. Kohane is intimidated of her at first because of her harsh demeanor, but wants to be able to talk to her more.

Tenma Tsukasa: Saki's older brother. She thinks he's a loud-mouth.


Shiho is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the SEKAI versions of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
from Y to Y JimmyThumb-P 03/22/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
needLe DECO*27 09/30/2020
Stella Jin 10/18/2020
Hare wo Matsu Orangestar 01/10/2021
「1」 164 04/21/2021
From Tokyo Natsushiro Takaaki 07/07/2021

Introduction Video


【Leo need】日野森 志歩(CV.中島 由貴)

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