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Area Conversation
"I wonder if every day will just be the same as always."
―Hoshino Ichika

Hoshino Ichika (星乃一歌) is a first year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. She's the guitarist of Leo/need.

She's childhood friends with her fellow band members.


Ever since she was a child, she loved Hatsune Miku. Ichika would often sing Miku's songs while playing on the guitar she got from her father.[1]

Ichika used to be childhood friends with Tenma Saki, Mochizuki Honami and Hinomori Shiho. Because of an incident at the school, her relationships with Honami and Shiho became strained. However, after Saki returned to school and they accessed their Sekai, the group reunited and formed Leo/need, named after the meteor shower they watched together as children.


Ichika has blue eyes and long black hair, worn loose.

Her casual outfit consists of a red and black plaid blouse covered with grey hoodie jacket, black denim pants, and black and white sneakers.

Her band uniform consists of a black tank top covered white sleeveless blouse, black skirt with blue lining with blue coat wrap around her hip, and black boots with black socks. Her accessories is a black glove worn on her right hand and a pair of mini belts on her right thigh.


Although Ichika seems stoic and serious at first, Ichika is a quiet, modest, and kind girl who is always thinking about her friends. According to Honami, she doesn't always communicate very well.

At the start of the Leo/need's main story, Ichika was listless, without much of a passion and was unable to gain the courage to bring her childhood friends back together, often wondering if things would continue this way. After Ichika meets the Sekai, however, Ichika gradually becomes more courageous and determined to reunite her friends.

Once Leo/need is formed, Ichika becomes happier with her friends and more passionate to the point where she even asks Kusanagi Nene to teach her how to sing, and tries performing on the streets. She enjoys spending time with Leo/need, cherishing her childhood friends deeply. In Resonate with You, Ichika's passion and determination grows even stronger as she realizes what she feels.

Ichika loves Miku's songs and is always listening to them whenever she feels bored, and looks at them for reference. She doesn't enjoy places with a lot of noise, for example, she doesn't enjoy visiting Phoenix Wonderland unless Saki goes with her.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Ichika interacts with in the game.

Saki (icon).pngHonami (icon).pngShiho (icon).pngMiku ln (icon).pngLuka ln (icon).pngMeiko (icon).pngRin (icon).pngKaito (icon).pngLen (icon).pngMinori (icon).pngAiri (icon).pngHaruka (icon).pngShizuku (icon).pngKohane (icon).pngTsukasa (icon).pngEmu (icon).pngMafuyu (icon).pngUnknown (icon).pngKanade (icon).pngNene (icon).pngRui (icon).pngAn (icon).pngToya (icon).pngAkito (icon).png


Tenma Saki: Childhood friends and bandmates. Ichika feels Saki is always smiling while Saki is glad Ichika is always there for her. While she admires her cheerful nature, Ichika sometimes worries that Saki is overworking herself.

Mochizuki Honami: Childhood friends and bandmates. Their relationship became strained over the years due to Honami fearing that interacting with her would cause her classmates to bully her. They have since reconnected and work together as a band.

Hinomori Shiho: Childhood friends and bandmates. She initially did not want to talk to Ichika, but are working on restoring their friendship through Leo/Need. She is very serious about the band and is the harshest critic, but Ichika appreciates her honesty and ability.

Kiritani Haruka: Classmates from 1-C, and friends following the Miyamasuzaka Sports Fes event. Ichika appears to be one of the few people who do not treat Haruka differently due to being a celebrity.

Kusanagi Nene: Friends following the Twilight Parade event. Ichika admires her voice and aspires to sound like her. They partook in singing lessons taught by Nene.


Ichika is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the SEKAI versions of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
Roki mikitoP 09/30/2020
Hibana -Reloaded- DECO*27 09/30/2020
Teo Omoi, Sakurai 09/30/2020
Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan Orangestar 10/01/2020
Aoku Kakero! masary 10/17/2020
Umiyuri Kaiteitan n-buna 12/01/2020
Dramaturgy Eve 12/18/2020
Time Machine 1640mP 02/10/2021
from Y to Y JimmyThumb-P 03/22/2021
Yoru ni Kakeru Ayase 05/01/2021
Ikanaide Sohta 05/28/2021
Roku-chou Nen to Ichiya Monogatari kemu 07/12/2021
Kagerou Daze Jin 08/15/2021
Lost One no Goukoku Neru 10/02/2021
ray Fujiwara Mooto 10/12/2021
Hello,world! Fujiwara Mooto 10/13/2021
Ghost Rule DECO*27 12/30/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Ryuusei no Pulse *Luna 09/10/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Sekai DECO*27 / kemu 09/30/2020
needLe DECO*27 09/30/2020
Stella Jin 10/18/2020
Hare wo Matsu Orangestar 01/10/2021
「1」 164 04/21/2021
From Tokyo Natsushiro Takaaki 07/07/2021
Gunjou Sanka Eve 09/30/2021
STAGE OF SEKAI HarryP 11/18/2021

Introduction Video


【Leo need】星乃 一歌(CV.野口 瑠璃子)


  • Ichika is an ambassador for Pocari Sweat, a sports drink brand, and has appeared in the web movies "Nechusho No!No!" (Hatsune Miku and MEIKO's News 39 ver.) and "Virtual Tokyo Supply Girl".
  • Her parents coincidentally shares the same song likes and were able to form a relationship. The name "Ichika(一歌)" means a child born through a bond created by one (一) song (歌).


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