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Isobe Karin (礒部花凜), sometimes stylized as Isobe Carin, is a voice actress, singer and actress from Nara, Japan. She voices Tenma Saki in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! She is affiliated with Amuse.


In 2015 she performed the opening theme song "Miracle Go! Princess Pretty Cure" for the TV anime "Go! Princess Pretty Cure".

On December 24, 2015 she moves agencies from EFFECT to EN-JIN. She left EN-JIN again November 30, 2018. After a free period she joined Amuse on March 1, 2019.[1]

In 2018, she portrayed Chelsea in the Royal Scandal Stage Play. Royal Scandal is a VOCALOID song series by KANON69.

Since June 2019, she's part of the vocal unit BlooDye.[2]

She debuted as a voice actress in 2014 by voicing Plum Hoshikawa in the 3DS game Mahoucore ~Mahou ☆ Idol Decoration~. Some of Karin's other roles include:


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