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Kagamine Len is a virtual singer. He advises Vivid BAD SQUAD.

This page only contains information about his role in the game Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! For information about the software, see the VOCALOID Wiki and the Piapro Wiki.


Len appears in the real world as a virtual singer, but when young people have trouble understanding their true feelings, Len and his fellow virtual singers appear in another world called Sekai to help them.

In Vivid BAD SQUAD's Sekai, he is a DJ together with Hatsune Miku and MEIKO helping run MEIKO's street café.


Len has blue eyes and short yellow hair, tied up in a ponytail. His hair is styled like a banana bunch. His outfit is very similar to Kagamine Rin, with some differences being the tie and longer, loose shorts.


Like his standard Virtual Singer attire, in this sekai Len has white headphones with a small microphone attached. In addition, he wears a white button-up shirt and a navy blue vest with medium-length sleeves over the button-up. He also wears a gray hoodie-like jacket - which would be suitable winter wear if it had sleeves. He wears brownish-gray cargo shorts (they aren't quite long enough to be pants) and brown boots.

Wonderlands x Showtime

He wears a lot of orange.


His idol outfit is primarily yellow, his character color. To emphasize his status as the “Prince of the Stage”, his outfit incorporates Epaulettes and a small, elegant hat that he wears on the side of his head. He also wears cuffed knee length shorts with a diamond shaped pattern, joining the shorts trend set by his original Virtual Singer outfit.


Hatsune Miku: Friend and fellow virtual singer. In the Street Sekai, his relationship with Miku mirrors that of an older sibling younger sibling pair, as Miku has a tendency of treating him like a child, much to his chagrin.

Kagamine Rin: Vocal twin and fellow virtual singer. As with most other virtual singer related media concerning the pair, his relationship with Rin is not clearly defined in the story. Minori explains that their relationship changes with the setting, meaning that they could be interpreted as friends, siblings, or lovers depending on the song. Regardless of how their relationship is depicted, the two are shown to latch onto each other whenever they appear in the same Sekai.

In the Street Sekai, Rin and Len, similarly to Akito and Touya, as well as An and Kohane, are partners who trust and rely on each other. Despite this, however, they’re stated to fight often. This conflict, which was initially addressed in the main story, ends up being used to help Akito and Touya resolve their issues.

Megurine Luka: Friend and fellow virtual singer.

MEIKO: Friend and fellow virtual singer. In the Street Sekai, similarly to how she regards the original cast, MEIKO acts as a sort of parental figure to Len, who is noted for his childlike characterization.

KAITO: Friend and fellow virtual singer. In contrast to Wonderland Sekai, in which Len is shown to outwardly respect KAITO, in the Street Sekai, he is more reluctant to show it due to KAITO’s offputtingly easy-going nature. Even so, he still claims to secretly admire KAITO for his skill as a DJ, becoming excited when KAITO offers to teach him how to use a sampler in his introductory event, STRAY BAD DOG event. Offscreen, KAITO and Len are implied to be on good terms as well, as Len often mentions KAITO after his introduction. As well, KAITO is stated to have bought Len the shoes seen in his My Dancing Shoes! 4-star card, further implying that they’re on better terms since STRAY BAD DOG.


Len is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
Rettou Joutou Giga 09/30/2020
Buriki no Dance Hinata Electric Works 09/30/2020
Bouken no Sho ga Kiemashita! JesusP 09/30/2020
Dappou Rock Neru 10/04/2021
Yobanashi Deceive Jin 10/09/2020
Oki ni Mesu mama Eve 04/05/2021
Ice Drop aqu3ra 08/18/2021
Children Record Jin 08/23/2021
Telecaster B-Boy 3 10/06/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Doctor=Funk Beat nyanyannya 09/30/2020
Fragile nuyuri 09/30/2020
Sweet Magic Junky 09/30/2020
Senbonzakura Kurousa-P 01/01/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Once Upon A Dream YASUHIRO 02/28/2021
Beat Eater Police Piccadilly 07/09/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Ready Steady Giga 09/30/2020
potato ni Natte iku Neru 11/07/2020
Forward (Virtual Singer Alt) R Sound Design 12/08/2020
Nijiiro Stories OSTER project 12/20/2020
Infinitely Gray Surii 02/26/2021
Ryusei no Pulse *luna 09/10/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Blessing halyosy 09/30/2020
Junky Night Town Orchestra Surii 10/12/2020


  • Despite not appearing in Wonderlands x Showtime's main story nor the WxS Virtual Singer main story, he has a WxS card at launch and appears in the WxS Sekai as of the All Out! Wonder Halloween! event.
    • The reason he does not appear in the Main Story nor Virtual Singer story is because he manifests into the Sekai after the main story had finished.
  • As of Happy Lovely Everyday!, Len appears as a member of the MORE MORE JUMP! Sekai. This is his first new Sekai appearance since the games launch, making him the last Virtual Singer to appear in a new Sekai.
  • As of his appearance in MORE MORE JUMP!’s Stage Sekai, it marks the first time a male Virtual Singer has appeared in a Sekai where the main unit is comprised entirely of female characters.
  • He has the same height as Airi, Kohane, and Nene, and is also the shortest of all the male characters, being 156 cm.

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