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Kagamine Len is male
Member of Leo/need
Member of Vivid BAD SQUAD
Member of Wonderlands x Showtime
Member of 25-ji, Nightcord de.

Kagamine Len (鏡音レン) is a VIRTUAL SINGER. He advises Vivid BAD SQUAD in the Street SEKAI.


Kagamine Rin's male counterpart, he keeps his short blonde hair tied back in a tiny ponytail. His boyish voice has a power and firmness to it, but can also excellently convey a wide range of emotions.

Len is a VIRTUAL SINGER best known for performing with his counterpart Kagamine Rin. He and the other VIRTUAL SINGERS live in another world called SEKAI, but appear in the real world to consult people who have trouble understanding their true feelings through music.

In the Street SEKAI, he is an aspiring DJ and singer alongside his singing partner Rin. He is a regular at MEIKO's cafe and helps out at the shop on occasion.[1][2] Though he's a bit childish, he makes many attempts to act mature by drinking black coffee or practicing ways to look and act cool around others.

In the Wonderland SEKAI, Len is young and bright, often involving himself in Miku and Emu's recurring shenanigans. He is an actor-in-training who often asks the members of Wonderlands x Showtime and other VIRTUAL SINGERS for advice. Len first appears in Wonderland SEKAI area conversations.

In the Stage SEKAI, he appears as a cool and gentle idol. He seems to be fond of surprises, as he enjoys setting up shows by leaving small objects around the area.[3] Len appears as part of the SEKAI in the Happy Lovely Everyday! event story.

In the School SEKAI, he is part of Miku's band as a guitarist. He appears as part of the SEKAI in the Putting Feelings Into Words event story. Len is confident in his skills, and he's able to easily outmatch Rin in a playoff.[4] The two get along well, often teasing each other in a good-natured manner.

In the Empty SEKAI, Len is very childlike and shy. He has a tendency of becoming frightened and fidgety when confronted or questioned by the other inhabitants of Empty SEKAI, with the exception of Miku, who he hides behind to avoid facing the other characters directly. Len appears as part of the SEKAI in the What Lies Beyond Guiding a Lost Child event story.


Len's appearance and looks are modelled after his V2 design made by KEI, who also made the V2 designs for Rin, Miku and Luka. He has blue eyes and short, yellow hair tied back in a ponytail and spiked, designed in a way reminiscent of a bunch of bananas. Len's outfit is very similar to Rin's, with some differences being the tie, a larger shirt, and longer, looser shorts.



In this SEKAI, Len has his white headphones with a small microphone attached, like his in-game Virtual Singer design. In addition, he wears a white button-up shirt and a navy blue vest with medium-length sleeves over the button-up. He also wears a grey hoodie-like jacket, which would be suitable winter wear if it had sleeves. He wears brownish-grey cargo shorts (that aren't quite long enough to be pants,) and brown boots.

3rd Anniversary

He now wears a black button-up with a light blue plaid hem which is longer in the back, a light blue-and-white striped tie with black crosses, and tan cargo shorts. He wears a black leather half-jacket with gray stripes on the left sleeve and right lapel, loose black suspenders, and tall black boots with thick soles over white socks.

Wonderlands x Showtime

He wears an orange-and-green tailed ringmaster suit, with a striped waistcoat, bowtie, and cravat. His orange bowtie is sparkly and has a light blue gem in the centre, framed in silver. On his legs and feet, he wears knee-length harem pants, striped stockings, and lace-up boots. His outfit also employs many star patterns, such as on the side of his pants, the coattails attached to his suit, or as buttons on his waistcoat. He has his yellow-and-white headset.


His idol outfit is primarily yellow, which is his character color. To emphasize his status as the “Prince of the Stage”, his outfit incorporates epaulettes and a small, elegant hat that he wears on the side of his head. He also wears cuffed knee-length shorts with a diamond-shaped pattern, joining the shorts trend set by his original Virtual Singer outfit.


He wears a spiked black blazer with a yellow checkered pattern, an orange hoodie, a white button-up shirt, and a loose magenta tie. Additionally, He wears a black choker and three gold stars on his lapel.

25-ji, Nightcord de.

He wears a white, frilly dress shirt. The bottom is stained with grey splatters, giving it a grimy appearance. A red ribbon is tied into a bow under the collar of the white shirt, a black band is clasped over the top of his right arm, and two bracelets with crisscrossing ropes are on his wrists and over his shirt. The collar of a black, frilly undershirt is also visible. Len also wears black shorts with a white stripe laid vertically and a small, black belt hanging in a loop on his right side. His left leg has a black ribbon tied to it.


Kagamine (鏡音): Kagami (鏡) means "mirror" and Ne (音) means "sound; noise". Together this means "echo", or more literally, "mirror sound".

Len (レン): Revealed by his voice actor to be based off of a character with a similar name (Ken) from the manga Hokuto no Ken. Asami Shimoda has also claimed that his name is based on the directional "Left" to match Rin’s name being "Right".[citation needed]


Subpage: Relationships

Hatsune Miku: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer. Miku thinks Len is a kind and thoughtful person, and cherishes their friendship. Len appreciates her ability to help him and Len make up after fights, and correctly assigning who's the one to blame.

In the School SEKAI, Len sees how much Miku cares for the girls of Leo/need and wants to help her with giving them advice instead of only having her do it, not taking no for an answer. He also learns from their abilities by Miku's playing of their songs. Miku can't reject his help and is appreciative of him brainstorming all his ideas for her before even asking.

In the Stage SEKAI, the two sometimes do dance practice together. Miku enjoys working with Len on shows, with Len inviting her to be a surprise guest on his shows, and being impressed by Miku's willingness to do so many shows for the members of MORE MORE JUMP!.

In the Street SEKAI, Miku behaves like an older sibling to Len, often using her teasing nature on him, while Len claims she's always leaving him behind. She still cares for him despite the amount of distance she puts between them and watches over from afar because she believes that he can grow on his own. Len enjoys singing with her and often brings Rin around to do a trio song.

In the Wonderland SEKAI, Len admires Miku's shows, ignoring some of the danger they bring, and they share the same level of excitment and need for fun. Miku enjoys Len's enthusiasm and instantly suggests putting a show on for him when he first arrives to show how fun the SEKAI is. Len thinks the shows are dazzling. They are sometimes seen doing stunts together.

In the Empty SEKAI, Miku is very close to Len, behaving like a caring older sister to him despite her also being quite childlike in personality herself. Len often hides behind her when he’s afraid and doesn't go over to others for the first time without her.

Kagamine Rin: Len's mirror image and fellow Virtual Singer. As with most other virtual singer related media, his relationship with Rin is not clearly defined in the Project SEKAI’s story. Minori addresses this by explaining that the "setting" of their relationship changes with the song. This statement is reflected in their dynamics across SEKAI, which tends to vary. Rin calls everyday she spends with him fun, and he's the person that comes up first whenever she thinks of something. Len likes to make everything as fun as possible with her, though doesn't feel like there's much to say praise wise due to them always being together.

In the School SEKAI, Rin and Len are often seen together, having a sibling-like relationship (though it is left to interpretation), though bicker quite a bit about small things. Rin liked to guide Len around the SEKAI when he first arrived, and instantly got on, doing a guitar battle to prove Rin's guitar training was working, with them constantly trying to one up the other, showing the two to be very competitive. Rin is able to give Len encouragement which he happily takes and is able to make his ideas better from. Len appears to find the excitable Rin annoying at times, though he’s lenient with her when she wants something done way. Len also gets frustrated at Rin for pushing herself too hard in order to catch up with him, but mainly out of concern for her well-being.

In the Stage SEKAI, Len is able to provide Rin with advice, similar to KAITO, expanding on her ideas or making new ones for both solo shows and shows were they perform together. He also tries to give constructive criticism despite some of Rin's objections, which she gets mad at his ideas being good though isn't afraid to call him lame. They agree on the idea of them being idols, so everyone should have as much fun as possible during their shows. Airi comments that they have amazing chemistry.[5]

In the Street SEKAI, the two are partners, in the same vein as the Vivids and BAD DOGS, being practically glued together most of the time. Len tries to act like an older brother figure to Rin, showing how he can do adult things, though most of the time failing. They also bicker over minor things such as Len having more knowledge about the SEKAI's grafitti than Rin, but can also sometimes have big fights, though both of them feel bad and want to apologise to the other after long enough, talking to the others about the problems and getting the courage to apologise. As they are both DJs under teaching by KAITO, they share the same dislike of him slacking off. Len also gets jealous when Rin sings with others that aren't him, as he wants to be the best partner to her. He likes practicing with Rin and insists on it even when they're supposed to practice alone.

In the Wonderland SEKAI, Rin and Len are best friends, doing a lot of show scenes together and practicing more when one doesn't know their lines. A lot of the times they are in sync, found together whenever someone is looking for the other and doing the same activities. They have friendly competitions of who can learn acting techniques first. The two also friendly bicker on who gets to be troupe leader when they "fire" KAITO, sometimes alongside Miku. When one sees the other down, they are determined to cheer them up, no matter what.

Unlike other SEKAI, in the Empty SEKAI Rin and Len aren't close, as Len finds her intimidating and prefers to stay by Miku's side instead, becoming panicked when he's alone with her, much to Rin's annoyance as most of the time she's trying to be friendly with him. Though she isn't afraid to be bluntly honest with him, despite how sad he gets sometimes.

Megurine Luka: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer. Luka likes how cheerful and hard-working Len is, and wants to be pranked by him in the future. Len promises he will surprise her with one to get a good reaction, and enjoys coming up with activites with her.

In the School SEKAI, Luka is able to reassure Len on his concerns about Rin and hopes he can help the girls of Leo/need, and makes sure when he and Rin reconcile they are given space away from the other VIRTUAL SINGERs. Meanwhile Len thinks Luka's ideas on SEKAI decoration are great, such as cherry blossoms on chalk boards. They also both share the trait of being careful and refined when it comes to certain things like drawing instead of just rushing and racing.

In the Stage SEKAI, both Len and Luka are open to helping out others as well as coming up with new designs for things such as costumes, like the members of MORE MORE JUMP!. Len has more safety concerns when it comes to risks, whereas Luka sees positives in the worst happening for some cases.

In the Street SEKAI, Len underestimates Luka's ability to do things better than him, which motivates him to try harder in his training to not allow her to catch up to him. He also admires Luka's spirit, who was able to come up with a compromise for his camping idea after Miku pointed out how there was no real place they would be able to get the full camping experience.

In the Wonderland SEKAI, Len is happy to think of shows that will keep Luka awake, similar to Rin. Luka finds Len's tricks impressive after Len talks about how much they're improved when MEIKO pointed out them being taught. They share the same goal of wanting to make everyone happy, especially Rin, finding Len's ideas on how to do this funny and cute.

In the Empty SEKAI, Len is somewhat afraid of Luka, especially when's she's paired up with someone like Rin. He gets overwhelmed when they both bicker. Though Luka does try to be nice to Len, admitting she'd love to help him at times but can't, and giving him advice on how to help others.

MEIKO: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer. MEIKO knows of Len's mischievous side and enjoys pranking KAITO with him. She also sees him as kind. Len wants to help her come up with ideas or resolve fights, as she has done the same multiple times for him and Rin.

In the School SEKAI, MEIKO supports him and Rin's playful antics, and lets them settle their arguments on their own if they can, but intervenes if need be. Len appreciates her helping him in the ways she can.

In the Stage SEKAI, MEIKO compliments Len for being able to get the crowd roaring, similar to her, and thinks his shows create a good atmosphere for both the performers and the audience. She trusts Len with being the judge for some shows, with him being happy to help out.

In the Street SEKAI, Len reiterates to MEIKO several times that he's not a kid and can do adult things, such as sharing his desserts with Rin and not getting into too many arguments, despite it sometimes not being the truth. They also enjoy brainstorming new things to add to the menu of Crase Cafe.

In the Wonderland SEKAI, Len has also begun to go to MEIKO about performing dangerous stunts after hearing how she assisted Miku. He appreciates the approval MEIKO gives him during practice.

In the Empty SEKAI, Len is somewhat afraid of MEIKO, but worries about her enough to ask if she's fine with keeping distance, similar to Miku, also approaching her along with the others whenever he has a problem, though not getting much in return. MEIKO has given Len advice passed on by Miku about telling Len about what's happened in general thus far to have an easier time and has extended a helping hand to him sometimes, even if it's just getting matches.

KAITO: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer. Similarly, to KAITO's dynamic with Rin, he acts as a doting brotherly figure to Len, and the two appear to be close. All of their Kizuna Rank titles reference the fact that they're the only male VIRTUAL SINGERS. KAITO enjoys Len's pranks after they've already startled him, and hopes that he can do the same to him for once. Len enjoys KAITO being willing to hang out whenever Len desires and wants to do more and more with him in the future, but promises to not be too demanding.

In the School SEKAI, KAITO appears to be closer with Len than he is the other VIRTUAL SINGERS, and the two are often seen hanging out together following Len’s debut in the SEKAI. Len has also frequently invited KAITO to do things with him, albeit in a less forceful way than the other VIRTUAL SINGERS have tried to include him. Similar to Rin, Len often goes up to KAITO asking about his opinions on things, sometimes on CD choices, sometimes when he disagrees with Rin. KAITO doesn't mind it, as he's used to it by now, and tries to reassure Len on things that are worrying him.

In the Stage SEKAI, Len and KAITO occasionally perform together.[6] When they're not, Len comes up to KAITO for advice, much like the other Stage SEKAI VIRTUAL SINGERS do, which KAITO is organised with, having some of Len's things already set up in order for helping him to be easier. They are able to sow loose threads on costumes back together, which Len learnt from KAITO. Len has also offered to help KAITO after noticing that he’s always working hard by himself.

In the Street SEKAI, KAITO mentors Len in DJing, alongside Rin. Due to his tendency to slack off from teaching them, Len often gets frustrated with him, once threatening to go off to see Akito instead, though KAITO apologised and promised to be more serious. Compared to other SEKAI, Len is more reluctant to show his respect for KAITO due to this offputtingly easygoing nature. When he is a good mentor, Len and Rin get excited from getting praised by him. KAITO also thinks Len is somewhat easy to guess in instances such as Rock Paper Scissors. Though he is happy to help Len in instances such as White Day, which Len is grateful for and makes him a thank you present. And an internal dialogue from KAITO reveals that he’s confident in him and Rin's ability to grow as DJs without his help.

In the Wonderland SEKAI, Len sees KAITO as a sort of mentor figure, asking for his help to do scenes such as stage sword fighting and asking if he's doing well with his performances. KAITO thinks he's getting along with acting great and doesn't like to ruin his fun, refraining from saying things that may risk that.

In the Empty SEKAI, Len thinks his words put Mafuyu in pain, where KAITO thinks that he's too scared and only coddles Mafuyu and doesn't allow her to move forward. Len also gets confused by KAITO's habit to say what he wants to say and nothing else, thinking these words are scary. Though he is able to muster up the courage to stop KAITO in his tracks.[7]

Shinonome Akito: A member of Vivid BAD SQUAD. Akito acts like an older brother to Len, who looks up to him as a paragon of coolness and is always looking for his approval.

Kizuna Rank

Character Rank 5 Rank 26 Rank 46
Miku Kizuna Rank Like Two Brothers (姉弟のようなふたり) Taste of the Day (その日その日の味) Kindred-Spirit (よき理解者)
Rin Kizuna Rank Kagamine Duo (鏡音コンビ) Always Together (いつも一緒) Heated Up (ヒートアップ)
Luka Kizuna Rank Song and Feelings as One! (想いと歌をひとつに!) Let's Reach Others (みんなに届けましょ) I'll Succeed Next Time (次もばっちり決めるよ)
MEIKO Kizuna Rank Red Light Yellow Light (STOPカラー) Let's Keep This Up! (この調子でいくわよ!) Perceptive (お見通し)
KAITO Kizuna Rank Team The Boys (チーム男子) Male Singers (シンガーボーイズ) Not Losing to the Songstress (歌姫達には負けない)
Saki Kizuna Rank  (出せていない答えを探して)  (オレは結構好きだけどな)  (相手の想いも受け止めて)
Honami Kizuna Rank Making Art True To Me (自分らしい絵を) It's Fine To Argue (ケンカしたっていいだろ) Kindness, Courage And Strength (優しさと勇気と強さ)
Minori Kizuna Rank  (練習用ノート愛用者)  (考えるために知ろう)  (友達って、素敵だな)
Airi Kizuna Rank Messenger Of Feelings (想いのメッセンジャー) Is MCing Your Specialty? (MCはお手の物?) It Definitely Reached Them (きっと届けられてたよ)
Kohane Kizuna Rank Shy But Lively (おどおどとイケイケ) Street Juniors & Seniors (ストリートの先輩後輩) Let's Pump Up the Crowd! (フロアわかせよう!)
An Kizuna Rank Close Like Siblings? (まるで仲良し姉弟?) Let's Give It A Shot (とりあえずやってみよう) Thinking About My Partner (相棒想い)
Akito Kizuna Rank Dance Shoes (ダンスシューズ) As Close As Brothers (兄弟みたいに仲良し) Leave the DJ'ing to Me (DJは任せてよ)
Toya Kizuna Rank I Take My Coffee Black (ブラックで飲める) Excited! (ワクワクしてきた) Caring For My Partner (相棒は大事に)
Tsukasa Kizuna Rank Golden Boys (ゴールデンボーイズ) Gesture Cooking? (ジェスチャークッキング?) Phantom Thieves and Secret Advisors (怪盗と秘密のアドバイザー)
Emu Kizuna Rank Pom Pom Po ♪ (ポムポムポ♪) Don't Force Yourself to Smile (無理に笑わなくていいよ) Still Having That Old Dream (むかしむかしの夢は今も)
Rui Kizuna Rank Engrossed in Robots (ロボに夢中) Surprise Show Actors (サプライズショーの立役者) It's Fun to Make Stuff! (作るって楽しい!)
Kanade Kizuna Rank A Peaceful Stroll (平和なお散歩) I Realized The "Fun" In It (「楽しさ」に気づいて) A Warm And Gentle Fragrance (あたたかくて優しい香りを)
Mafuyu Kizuna Rank Lost In Feelings And SEKAI (想いとセカイの迷子) The Hand That Held Hers (あの子とつないだ手) Feelings Of Warmth (「あたたかい」気持ち)
Mizuki Kizuna Rank Aim To Be A Good Bargainer (駆け引き上手を目指して) Having A “Self” (「自分」を持つということ) A Spell Wrapped In Ribbons (リボンに込めたおまじない)


Len is featured in or has an alternate vocal of the following songs:

Song Name Producer Date Added (JP) Date Added (EN)
Rettou Joutou Giga, Reol 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Blessing halyosy 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Bouken no Sho ga Kiemashita! Jesus, WONDERFUL☆OPPORTUNITY! 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Dappou Rock Neru 2020/10/04 2021/12/11
Junky Night Town Orchestra Surii 2020/10/12 2021/12/21
Telecaster B-Boy Surii 2021/10/06 2022/10/06
Migikata no Chou noripy, Mizuno Yura 2021/10/11 2022/10/11
Sick of House! OZON 2021/10/22 2022/10/20
Aku no Meshitsukai mothy 2021/12/14 2022/12/15
Odo Giga, DECO*27 2022/02/04 2023/02/02
Rimokon WONDERFUL☆OPPORTUNITY!, Jesus 2022/05/16 2023/05/24
Ego Rock Surii 2022/10/06 2023/10/06
Bad ∞ End ∞ Night Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△ 2022/10/07 2023/10/07
Paradichlorobenzene Garuna (OwataP) 2022/11/21 2023/11/09
Where shall we go? Mellowcle 2023/02/24 2024/02/26
Attract Light *Luna 2023/03/24 2024/03/24
Vampire's ∞ pathoS Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△ 2023/03/31 2024/03/31
Okochama Sensou Giga, Reol 2023/04/17 2024/04/20
Jinsei Ann-MeltsP 2023/06/02 2024/06/03
Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei Nem 2023/06/12 2024/06/12
Buta ni Natte yeah yeah Neru 2023/10/05
Help me, ERINNNNNN!! ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice), beatMARIO 2024/05/05

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Ready Steady Giga, q*Left 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Potato ni Natte iku Neru 2020/11/07 2021/12/30
NIJIIRO STORIES OSTER project 2020/12/20 2022/02/02
RAD DOGS HachiojiP, q*Left 2021/01/31 2022/03/06
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Cosmospice PinocchioP 2022/05/03 2023/05/04
Hoshizora no Melody PolyphonicBranch 2022/06/28 2023/06/28
Kashika Haruka Ryo (Loin) 2022/12/19 2023/12/19
Flyway halyosy 2023/01/21 2024/01/21
Mr. Showtime Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△ 2023/03/11 2024/03/11
Be The MUSIC! Kinoshita 2023/04/01 2024/04/01
Kirapipi★Kirapika nyanyannya 2023/08/21
I'm Mine halyosy 2023/10/01
Beyond the way Giga, q*Left 2023/12/08
Sekai wo Terasu Tetrad OSTER project 2024/02/09
ULTRA C Giga, TeddyLoid, Reol 2024/07/07
Seibai ItaAAAAAsu! Jesus, WONDERFUL☆OPPORTUNITY! 2024/07/15
Natsuya no Uta Hirata Yoshihisa TBD

Song Name Producer Date Added (JP) Date Added (EN)
Rettou Joutou Giga, Reol 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Buriki no Dance Hinata Electric Works 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Bouken no Sho ga Kiemashita! Jesus, WONDERFUL☆OPPORTUNITY! 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
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Children Record JIN 2021/08/23 2022/08/24
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Nonsense Bungaku Eve, Numa 2022/02/24 2023/02/24
Ame to Petra balloon 2022/03/22 2023/03/19
Rimokon WONDERFUL☆OPPORTUNITY!, Jesus 2022/05/16 2023/05/24
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Irony Scop 2023/02/13 2024/02/15
Attract Light *Luna 2023/03/24 2024/03/24
Okochama Sensou Giga, Reol 2023/04/17 2024/04/20
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Once Upon a Dream YASUHIRO 2021/02/28 2022/03/30
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STAGE OF SEKAI HarryP, Tanahashi EDDY Teruaki 2021/11/18 2022/11/17
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Watashi wa, Watashitachi wa Guiano 2023/02/17 2024/02/17
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Sweet Magic Junky 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
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Charles balloon 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
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Setsuna Trip Last Note. 2023/05/15 2024/05/19
NEO JIN 2023/09/30
Watashi wa Ame inabakumori 2024/04/10


  • Len is the only VIRTUAL SINGER to debut in a new SEKAI with a 2✰ rarity card. Because of this, his first Leo/need card has an event-themed outfit, rather than his appearance in the School SEKAI.