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Kagamine Rin is female Member of VIRTUAL SINGER Member of Leo/need Member of MORE MORE JUMP! Member of Vivid BAD SQUAD Member of Wonderlands x Showtime Member of 25-ji, Nightcord de.

Kagamine Rin is a VIRTUAL SINGER. She advises MORE MORE JUMP! in the Stage SEKAI, and appears at MEIKO's cafe in the Street SEKAI.

This page only contains information about her role in the game Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! For information about the software, see the VOCALOID Wiki and the Piapro Wiki.


Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン) is a Virtual Singer known for performing with her counterpart Kagamine Len, but when young people have trouble understanding their true feelings, Rin and her fellow Virtual Singers appear in another world called SEKAI to help them.

In MORE MORE JUMP!'s SEKAI, the Stage SEKAI, she becomes an idol together with Hatsune Miku. Rin greatly looks up to Miku and does her best to improve as an idol with her.

In Vivid BAD SQUAD's SEKAI, the Street SEKAI, she sings along with her partner Kagamine Len, however, the pair have a tendency to get into arguments. Rin first appears in area conversations and the third episode of the Street SEKAI story.

In Wonderlands x Showtime's SEKAI, the Wonderland SEKAI, she becomes a part of the show cast and performs with them. She first appears as part of the Wonderlands x Showtime Welcome Show and officially joins the SEKAI in the Musical Twilight Parade event story.

In 25-ji, Nightcord de.'s SEKAI, the Empty SEKAI, she sings and roams the desolate landscape. She appears as part of the SEKAI in the Insatiable Pale Color event story.

In Leo/need's SEKAI, the School SEKAI, she plays the keyboard as a part of the Virtual Singers' band. She appears in the SEKAI during the Unnamed Harmony event story.

For the Deadly Sins of Evil crossover, Rin portrays a young princess named Riliane. Riliane represents the sin of pride, being described as a cruel and unjust ruler. For more information regarding Riliane and the official storyline for Evillious Chronicles, please see the Evillious Chronicles Wiki.


Rin has blue-green eyes and short yellow hair. Her outfit is very similar to Len's, with a lighter gray pair of shorts and a bow tied around her headphones. Her design is based off of her V2 design, made by KEI, who designed other V2 Vocaloids produced by Crypton Future Media.


In the School SEKAI, Rin wears a school uniform, consisting of a pleated skirt and white button-up shirt, over which she wears a black blazer. Her cuffs are large and white with four rivets and a yellow plaid edge. She wears a band in the same pattern across her right arm, held in place with two buckles. Her lapels are in the same yellow plaid, with three stars pinned to them. Her skirt is high wasted, reaching just under her bust, with two buttons on each side. The left side of her skirt is layered with large black pleats matching her blazer, and two belts cross her lower waist. She wears a pink bow tied low across her chest and a black choker. Her hair bow is orange and patterned with white polka dots, and her barrettes are multicolored.


In the Stage SEKAI, Rin wears a dress similar to her fellow idols. Her classic bow headband is patterned with a checkerboard on the right side, and her barrettes end in star shapes near her face. Like Miku, her dress is white with a heart-shaped neckline and a detached collar, where she wears a golden star-shaped pendant. Her skirt is made up of large ruffles flowing from her right hip, exposing white bloomers with checkered bands and yellow ruffles underneath. At the bottom edge of her vest are tight ruffles in white and yellow, underneath a golden chain attached with star-shaped charms. Her shin-length boots are white and gray, and the buttons along it and her bust are teal. She wears a small band across her thigh reading 02, reminiscent of her original designs' tattoo. Across her back, a white bow with dark gray undersides patterned with stars is tied.


In the Street SEKAI, Rin wears an off-shoulder, gray and black cropped shirt with pockets attached to the long sleeves. Under the shirt is two wide orange and black straps. A zipper with a diamond-shaped pull divides the top, covered by a black and orange buckle. The gray side of her shirt is longer, and has patches sewn into it. Her pants are completely black, sitting low on her waist and held with a white and orange belt reading "DER //". The sides of the pants have two orange stripes and gray pockets, as well as an orange belt hooked to the bottom of her right pocket. Her left pant leg is cinched higher than the right, and both cuffs are orange with gray pulls. She keeps her V2 design's headphones and mic, but her bow is black and gray with patches, on the opposite sides as her shirt. She wears an orange and black choker, and her barrettes are gray, black, and orange.

Wonderlands x Showtime

In the Wonderland SEKAI, Rin wears a yellow, orange, and green dress that matches with Kagamine Len. Her dress has no sleeves, revealing the 02 tattoo on her right arm. The bodice of her dress is orange, with a wide stripe of white and two yellow bows down the center. The v-shaped collar is yellow with a white trim and orange frills. Under her chest is a wide strip of green ribbon with white trim, connected in the center by a large orange bow and blue charm. her skirt is orange, with alternating tapered pleats patterned with diamonds and stripes. The ends of her dress have white pom poms attached, and green and yellow scallops stick out from beneath it. Her petticoat is yellow with green triangles at the edges. Like in the Stage SEKAI, she wears a large orange bow tied around her back, with large green ribbons flowing from behind her. The ribbons end in a pennant shape, and have yellow stars near the ends. Her large bow is an off white with yellow centers, reminiscent of a rabbit's ears. She wears one yellow and white striped thigh-length sock, ending with an orange cuff and white frills. Her long gloves are yellow with white frills and have yellow and green pompoms around the wrists. She wears an orange choker with a white pom pom, and her barrettes have large yellow stars attached to them.

25-ji, Nightcord de.

In the Empty SEKAI, Rin wears a sleeveless dress with a white ruffled collar. The bodice of her dress is buttoned and tied at the waist with a black and white corset, each side having two long hanging ribbons. Her gray skirt has two tiers of small lace, and stained with dirt near the bottom. She wears long gray arm pieces, cinching at the wrists and ruffled at the ends. The right arm piece starts further down, and a black ribbon replaces her usual tattoo. Her bow is gray sits at the left side of her head, the ends stained and drooping. Her barrettes are white, and she wears a black frilled choker tied with a red ribbon. Like the rest of the Empty SEKAI Virtual Singers, the shine is missing from her eyes.

Deadly Sins of Evil

This section contains information on the Aku no Taizai collaboration with Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE. For more information on the series, see the Evillious Chronicles Wiki.

Riliane — the character Rin plays — wears a long, pale orange, frilly princess gown. The center of her gown is filled with layers of long frills, the opening hemmed with orange double-edged ruffles. The skirt is connected to the bust of the dress at her waist with a large, frilled, off-center orange bow held together by a golden rose-shaped charm. The sleeves of her dress bunch up above her elbows and let free with large hanging sleeves layered with white frills. An orange bow connects her white shawl, tied in the center with an orange rose.

Her hair is combed neatly with bangs swept to the side, held in place with two golden barrettes. She wears blue and gold earrings the same color as her eyes, and a yellow choker with red gems chained on top. Two even strands of hair frame her face, and her hair is tied back with an orange ruffled bow. In The Arrogant Princess and The Twin Servant card stories, she dresses as her twin, Allen Avadonia.


Hatsune Miku: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer. Rin and Miku are very close, sometimes being compared to sisters.[1]

Kagamine Len: Rin's mirror image and fellow Virtual Singer. As with most other Virtual Singer-related media, her relationship with Len is not clearly defined in-story. Minori explains that the "setting" of their relationship changes with the song.[2] The two get along well, but bicker as close friends do.

Megurine Luka: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer. Rin admires Luka's maturity.

MEIKO: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer. The Kagamines often go to MEIKO and KAITO for advice.

KAITO: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer. The Kagamines often go to MEIKO and KAITO for advice.


Rin is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
alive Ichinose LUPO 09/30/2020
Blessing halyosy 09/30/2020
Gimme×Gimme HachiojiP, Giga 10/10/2020
Roshin Yuukai iroha(sasaki) 10/01/2021
Sick of House! OZON 10/22/2021
Aku no Musume mothy 12/13/2021
Saribitotachi no Waltz mothy 12/15/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Rettou Joutou Giga 09/30/2020
Sweet Magic Junky 09/30/2020
Bouken no Sho ga Kiemashita! Jesus 09/30/2020
drop pop candy Giga 02/15/2021
Positive☆Dance Time kinoshita 02/19/2021
Kagirinaku Haiiro e Surii 02/26/2021
Tenshi no Clover DIVELA 03/30/2021
Traffic Jam Niru Kajitsu 06/30/2021
Saisei Picon 09/29/2021
Lost One no Goukoku Neru 10/02/2021
Akuma no Odorikata Kitani Tatsuya 10/08/2021
Showtime Ruler Karasuyasabou 10/29/2021
Happy Halloween Junky 10/30/2021
Metamo Re:born emon(Tes.) 03/11/2022
Yī Èr Fanclub Mikito-P 03/15/2022
Nomad balloon 03/28/2022
PaⅢ.SENSATION Yunosuke 04/18/2022

Song Name Composer Date Released
Wah Wah World Giga, Mitchie M 09/30/2020
Idol Shin'eitai Mitchie M 09/30/2020
Ready Steady Giga 09/30/2020
Roki Mikito-P 09/30/2020
Rettou Joutou Giga 09/30/2020
Sweet Magic Junky 09/30/2020
Bouken no Sho ga Kiemashita! Jesus 09/30/2020
potato ni Natte iku Neru 10/30/2020
Nijiiro Stories OSTER Project 12/20/2020
drop pop candy Giga 02/15/2021
Positive☆Dance Time kinoshita 02/19/2021
Once Upon A Dream YASUHIRO 02/28/2021
Ifuudoudou Umetora 03/15/2021
Tenshi no Clover DIVELA 03/30/2021
ID Smile toa 04/19/2021
Ai no Material Junky 05/21/2021
Lost One no Goukoku Neru 10/02/2021
Akuma no Odorikata Kitani Tatsuya 10/08/2021
Happy Halloween Junky 10/30/2021
Niccori^^Chousa-tai no Theme WONDERFUL☆OPPORTUNITY! 01/19/2022
Odo Giga, TeddyLoid 02/04/2022
Yī Èr Fanclub Mikito-P 03/15/2022
PaⅢ.SENSATION Yunosuke 04/18/2022

Song Name Composer Date Released
Happy Synthesizer EasyPop 09/30/2020
Tsugihagi Staccato toa 09/30/2020
Inochi ni Kirawarete Iru. Kanzaki Iori 10/05/2020
Forward R Sound Design 12/09/2020
Hitorinbo Envy koyori 12/14/2020
Senbonzakura Kurousa-P 01/01/2021
Lost One no Goukoku Neru 10/02/2021


  • Despite not appearing in Vivid BAD SQUAD's Main Story, she has a 4* card at launch, appears in the area conversations around the Street SEKAI and also in Chapters 3 and 4 of the Main Story for the Virtual Singer storyline.
    • As of the Musical Twilight Parade event, she appears in the Wonderland SEKAI. She first appeared in their SEKAI in Wonderlands x Showtime's Welcome Live for new players.
    • As of the Insatiable Pale Color event, she appears in the Empty SEKAI.
    • As of the Unnamed Harmony event, she appears in the School SEKAI.
  • She, along with Otori Emu, are the shortest characters at 152 cm.
  • She and Len are the only Virtual Singers aside from Miku to appear in more than one SEKAI at launch, as she appears in the Street SEKAI's area conversations along with the Stage SEKAI.
  • She is the second Virtual Singer to appear in every SEKAI besides Miku, the first being MEIKO.
  • She is the first Virtual Singer besides Miku to appear in a 3DMV alongside Leo/need.
  • Her Wonderlands x Showtime design and her 25-ji, Nightcord de. outfits both take inspiration from her original V2 design, being sleeveless dresses with long arm pieces.
  • Rin, Miku, and KAITO are the only Virtual Singers to be apart of an April Fools unit (in Rin's case, Happiness Sentai SaniSani☆Wonder!).


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