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Kamishiro Rui is male Kamishiro Rui is a member of Wonderlands x Showtime

Area Conversation
"Now then, let us put on the most magnificent of shows!"
―Kamishiro Rui

Kamishiro Rui (神代類) is a second-year student at Kamiyama High School. He is a member of the musical show unit Wonderlands x Showtime.


Rui and Kusanagi Nene are next-door neighbors and childhood friends. Rui was the one who recommended her to join the troupe. He manages their stage performances. Rui is also very skilled in inventing things and creates robots for the shows.


Rui has yellow eyes and short, uneven purple hair with blue streaks. His right ear is pierced.

His show outfit consists of a ribbon, navy dress shirt, black vest, and long pink/purple coat with a neon yellow/green splatter pattern over the shoulders and the bottom edge of the coat. He wears white pants with black knee-high boots and short, white gloves. It's mentioned that a friend of his made this outfit for him.


Rui lives by his own set of rules, which causes people to consider him a weirdo. He is almost always smiling, and has a strange sense of humor that often causes others to misunderstand him. His behavior that causes people to avoid him includes using them as test dummies for his ideas and waterboarding them in swimming pools, as stated by Nene.

Rui also shows levels of curiosity that borderline on obsession, as he loves to take toys and home appliances apart to see how they work, as well as his openly expressed desire to take the plushies in the Wonderlands x Showtime Sekai apart.

He is shown to care deeply for his friends as shown when he defended Emu and her dreams from her brothers, as well building NeneRobo to help Nene with her fear of talking to others. He is also a teasing and playful person, with an example being his constant ideas for performances that involve putting Tsukasa's life in danger.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Rui interacts with in the game.

Tsukasa (icon).pngEmu (icon).pngNene (icon).pngMiku wxs (icon).pngKaito wxs (icon).pngLen (icon).pngMeiko (icon).pngRin (icon).pngLuka (icon).pngMizuki (icon).pngAn (icon).pngAkito (icon).pngTouya (icon).pngEna (icon).pngIchika (icon).pngSaki (icon).pngHonami (icon).pngShiho (icon).png


Tenma Tsukasa: Rui's fellow group member and friend. After their first performance, which failed due to technical difficulties, Rui harshly criticized Tsukasa and deduced him to be a shallow narcissist who sees shows as a means to get people to pay attention to him after the latter blamed Nene for the show's failure. However, Rui now sees him as an actor worthy of a stage, and is confident in giving him very taxing (and occasionally dangerous) stage directions, knowing that he can handle it. The two are a well-known "duo of weirdos" at their high school.

Ootori Emu: Rui's fellow group member and friend. Rui thinks she's wonderfully bizarre and Emu thinks he's very cool, being quite impressed and fascinated by Rui's bright and flashy style. The two are very encouraging of each other, Rui sharing Emu's goal of restoring the stage to it's former glory. When Rui stands up for Emu against her brothers, he is passive at first, but is quick to become harsh to them when they continue to belittle Emu, shutting them down quick.

Kusanagi Nene: Rui's fellow group member and friend. The two are neighbors and childhood friends, and although Nene thinks of him as a weirdo she is still shown to be very caring towards him, with occasional concerns about his mental health. When they were very young, Nene had struggled with a big fear of talking to people. To try and combat this, Rui created NeneRobo to serve as an avatar that Nene could talk through, which helped to an extent. Rui was also the one to invite her to join Wonderlands x Showtime, having known about her talent and hobby for singing. She agrees, but chooses to perform through NeneRobo due to her anxiety. Rui wishes she'd get over her stage fright, and hopes to help her build the confidence to one day appear on stage herself.

Akiyama Mizuki: Friends since middle school. They bonded over being outcasts, hanging out on the roof together. In the Kamikou Festival event, Rui seems happy to see that Mizuki has found friends. According to Mizuki's second 1* story, Mizuki is the one who made Rui and Nene's stage outfits, after they ran into Rui working on NeneRobo and found it totally uncute.


Rui is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the SEKAI versions of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
Buriki no Dance Hinata Electric Works 09/30/2020
Sweet Magic Junky 09/30/2020
Dappou Rock Neru 10/04/2020
Miracle Paint OSTER Project 10/13/2020
Chururira Chururira Daddadda! KurageP 01/03/2021
Oki ni Mesu mama Eve 04/05/2021
KING Kanaria 05/17/2021
Telecaster B-Boy Surii 10/06/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Potato ni Natte iku Neru 11/07/2020

Song Name Composer Date Released
Sekai wa Mada Hajimatte sura Inai PinocchioP 09/30/2020
Nijiiro Stories OSTER project 12/20/2020
Once Upon A Dream YASUHIRO 02/28/2021
Tondemo Wonders sasakure.UK 06/19/2021
Glory Steady Go! kinoshita 08/20/2021

Introduction Video


【ワンダーランズ×ショウタイム】神代 類(CV.土岐 隼一)


  • He is the tallest of all 26 main characters, being 180 cm.

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