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MEIKO is female Member of VIRTUAL SINGER Member of Leo/need Member of MORE MORE JUMP! Member of Vivid BAD SQUAD Member of Wonderlands x Showtime Member of 25-ji, Nightcord de.

MEIKO is a virtual singer. She advises Vivid BAD SQUAD in the Street Sekai.

This page only contains information about her role in the game Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! For information about the software, see the VOCALOID Wiki and the Piapro Wiki.


MEIKO (メイコ) appears in the real world as a Virtual Singer. She lives in another world called SEKAI, but when young people have trouble understanding their true feelings, MEIKO and her fellow Virtual Singers appear to help them.

In Vivid BAD SQUAD's SEKAI, the Street SEKAI, she owns a street café called the "Crase Café". She is shown as a patient and motherly woman. Together with her helpers, DJ Len and Miku, she advises Kohane and her friends.

In Leo/need's SEKAI, the School SEKAI, she joins the Virtual Singers' band as their drummer after she appears in the SEKAI. She, along with Luka like teasing the other Virtual Singers a lot, though interestingly she was the only one who didn’t tease KAITO upon his appearance in the SEKAI.

In MORE MORE JUMP!'s SEKAI, the Stage SEKAI, she joins the Virtual Singers' idol group. She is good at interacting with the fans. She also helps the other girls with their performances and singing like the other Virtual Singers.

In Wonderlands x Showtime's SEKAI, the Wonderland SEKAI, she becomes a part of the troupe. She acts as a second-in-command to KAITO, though she usually takes care of Luka due to her always falling asleep. She is shown to be very strong as she is able to catch Len as he was falling down. She often praises Tsukasa for his "stardom".

In 25-ji, Nightcord de.'s SEKAI, the Empty SEKAI, unlike the rest of the Virtual Singers she does not have any intention of helping the girls but only observes them. According to her, some things can only be seen from observing. She also states that people should be able to overcome their problems with their own strengths. She is at odds with Luka as she disagrees with how Luka solves things.

Banica, a character played by MEIKO for the Evillious Chronicles event, is a queen with a lifeless smile. She likes to eat, and in an area conversation, Banica states that she is jealous that "they" cannot gain weight no matter how much they eat, though she quickly replaced "jealous" with "really curious". For more information on Banica and the offical storyline for Evillious Chronicles, please read the Evillious Chronicles Wiki.


MEIKO has brown eyes and short brown hair. She has a black folded choker on her neck, and short folded bracelet-like sleeves to match. She wears short brown boots. Her appearance is very similar to her V3 boxart design made by iXima. She is seen holding her microphone, which can be seen several times within any of her official artworks.


She wears a white elbow long sleeve crop top. Over it, she wears a green sleeveless sweetheart crop top which is tied with a big knot on the right. She wears light blue high waist ripped jeans which are folded at the bottom. A reddish-brown full sleeve jacket hangs on her shoulder. She wears a similar colour belt with a gold round buckle on her jeans. She also wears light brown high heels. She wears a yellow large triangle earring and a necklace with a small round pendant. She has a pair of red-framed sunglasses she hangs on her shirt.


Like all the vocaloids, MEIKO wears a school uniform that consists of a black one-button blazer with a white border, a white button-up shirt, magenta tie, and pleated skirt. Her skirt slants slightly and has three layers with the middle pleated layer spiraling around the bottom black frilled layer. The first layer is a black with white border godet type that covers half the skirt and is shorter than the middle layer. Near the top left, there are two gold buttons and to each, a black and white triangular pattern belt is attached. The belt loops from the back and is attached to the other side of the godet layer. A red checkered pattern is seen on the lapel, cuffs, and the middle layer of the skirt. Her cuff has black frills and two silver square buttons near the white border.

She wears a black belt with a gold buckle on her right thigh. On her left hand, she wears a silver bead bracelet and a red band with a silver spike design. She also wears red boots with black lace.


Being in an idol group, MEIKO has a similar costume with a few design changes and her theme colour is red. She wears a white sweetheart crop top with the bottom having a white ruffled border. There are two yellow buttons on either side of the front. Over it, she wears a small white one-button sleeveless jacket. At the bottom left, a white ruffle and red ruffle is attached to it. Her shoulder has a white epaulette with a red ruffled border and one yellow button on the edges. Slightly long white ruffles joining each of the epaulettes run along the back of the shoulder and act as a short sleeve. There is a white ribbon attached to her waist at the back. Her skirt has multiple layers which overlap asymmetrically from left to right and flow to the back. The last layer ruffles and flows down to the ankles at the back revealing a black with gold star pattern. The belt of her skirt has two yellow buttons on the front. A black and white square checkered pattern with a red ruffled border is seen on the lapel of her jacket and one of the layers of the skirt.

Like all the members, she wears a detacher white collar with a large gold diamond pendant. Gold star chain links the button of the jacket. On the left of the jacket, two large gold diamonds are pinned. Also to these, two gold chains with star and diamond hanging are attached and connect to the other side of the skirt. She wears a round ruffled black with a gold star pattern on the right side of her head. On it, a small black and white square checkered pattern cloth is attached with a white ribbon and two gold stars being pinned. She wears gold diamond earrings and white short heel shoes.

Wonderlands x Showtime

MEIKO has a similar costume to KAITO with the colors and designs changed. She wears a red knee-long coat with thick gold borders and is open. The bottom of the jacket has a U-shape and is slit in the middle. The inside is white and also has a gold border. Her dark red flap is much smaller than KAITO's and has fewer gold buttons (three on each side), with each of them being connected by a gold chain. A large star is present on both the arms and the two slits present on the bottom of the coat. On the outside, the star has a yellow color while on the inside it is red. Her shoulder pad has a pale yellow color and a single button. Under it, she wears a yellow vest with a white lapel and gold border (mainly on the lapel), it has three buttons of similar color and is closed. Under this, a light blue shirt with a shorter collar than the jacket is worn. On the shirt, she wears a cream color short ruffled cloth on which a black with a gold border ribbon is tied. A gold Treble Clef music note is pinned.

Her skirt has only two layers, the first is black with a thick gold border which is short in the front and longer in the back giving it a V-shape. Near the hip, a line of the brown ruffle is stitched after which the skirt also ruffles. The second is white which has a ruffled border and is longer in the front while shorter in the back. She wears black stockings and heels.

25-ji, Nightcord de.

MEIKO wears a long, shriveled, withering gown, the left arm having a short, detachable sleeve, the other having a long flowy sleeve that cuffs at her wrist. She has a frilly neck piece with a red ribbon, followed by a black ribbon loosely tied at her waist. The top of her dress is — like Miku's — grimy and cover in what seems to be dirt. The skirt of her dress flows out to her knees. Like the rest of the empty singers, she has a red string attached to her left wrist.

Evillious Chronicles

In the Evillious Chronicles event, MEIKO plays a queen named Banica. Banica wears a bright red gown with a belt beneath her breasts, swirled detached sleeves similar to Emu's, and black strings connecting a neck piece. Her neck piece shows a high blouse collar with red edges and a cyan jewel in the center. In the top right section of her hair, she has a red rose as a hairpiece. Her brown eyes are lifeless and lack pupils. For more information on Banica and the offical storyline for Evillious Chronicles, please read the Evillious Chronicles Wiki.


Hatsune Miku: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer.

Kagamine Rin: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer.

Kagamine Len: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer.

Megurine Luka: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer.

KAITO: Friend and fellow Virtual Singer.


MEIKO is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
Blessing halyosy 09/30/2020
on the rocks OSTER Project 10/14/2020
Piano×Forte×Scandal OSTER Project 04/03/2022

Song Name Composer Date Released
Nostalogic yuukiss 09/30/2020
Nijiiro Stories OSTER Project 12/20/2020
ID Smile toa 04/19/2021
Ai no Material Junky 05/21/2021
Ryuusei no Pulse *Luna 09/10/2021
Lower nulut 10/31/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Idol Shin'eitai Mitchie M 09/30/2020
Nostalogic yuukiss 09/30/2020
Nijiiro Stories OSTER Project 12/20/2020

Song Name Composer Date Released
Hibana -Reloaded- DECO*27 09/30/2020
Happy Synthesizer EasyPop 09/30/2020
Tsugihagi Staccato toa 09/30/2020
Sweet Magic Junky 09/30/2020
potato ni Natte iku Neru 10/30/2020
Forward R Sound Design 12/09/2020
Senbonzakura Kurousa-P 01/01/2021
Time Machine 40mP 02/10/2021
Lost One no Goukoku Neru 10/02/2021


  • MEIKO is the first Virtual Singer besides Miku to appear in all of the SEKAIs.
  • In the Evillious Chronicles event, "Banica" states her actual name is "Mulalamulajacotaspopopo".
  • The type of microphone MEIKO is holding in her Virtual Singer design is a Shure 55SH.
  • In the Street SEKAI, she shares the role of being the groups main Virtual Singer with Len.
  • In the Street SEKAI, MEIKO is stated to not sing, as her role is to tend to the Crase Café. Because of this, she hasn't received any commissioned songs or covers with the unit despite it being her subunit at launch.
    • As of January 2022, Vivid BAD SQUAD MEIKO is the only version of MEIKO, as well as the only Sekai version of a Virtual Singer that doesn't sing.

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