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Otori Emu is female Otori Emu is a member of Wonderlands x Showtime

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"Uwawa~! ☆ Isn’t that just wonderhoi!"
―Otori Emu

Otori Emu (鳳えむ) is a first year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. She's part of the musical show unit Wonderlands x Showtime.


One day, Emu met Tenma Tsukasa who works at the Phoenix Wonderland Stage. Emu wants to restore the stage to its former glory.

She is Mochizuki Honami's classmate in school.


Emu has pink eyes and short pink hair cut into a short bob.

She wears a pink cardigan with stickers on it over her school uniform.

Her casual outfit consists of a puffy pink jacket, yellow shirt, and blue overalls.

Her show outfit consists of a puffy round dress with tied ribbons along the bottom edge. She wears a similar tied ribbon in her hair, down the front of the outfit, and on her shoes. Her arms have poofy little separated sleeves, with a white opera glove on her left arm and a bracelet on her right wrist. She has mismatched thigh-high socks, with pink/white candy cane stripes on her left leg and plain white on her right.


With a cheerful but naive personality, Emu is impulsive, acting on every idea that she comes up with, with a tendency to drag people around her into her plans. Emu has established her own personal catchphrase, "Wonderhoi!", which she seems to use as a way to motivate herself. She uses the catchphrase frequently, more often than not shouting it out after most of her sentences. When she's with others, she encourages and sometimes pushes them to shout it alongside her, possibly for the purpose of trying to motivate them with it. Her room is a reflection of her upbeat attitude, a mess of colors and patterns that she sees as representing happiness.

Emu has three older siblings, two brothers and a sister. When in her brothers' prescence she seems to tone down her upbeat personality, becoming much calmer, likely an effect of her brothers' discouragement of her loud way of self-expression. They are annoyed by her behavior and constant cheerful nature, shutting her ideas and opinions down with harsh words. They're also shown to have disdain towards Emu's job and aspiration to restore the park to it's potential despite Emu's hard work in trying. She has seemingly given up on defending her feelings to her brothers as they barely listen to her. One of her brothers, Shousake, in particular is completely abusive and critical to her, calling her selfish and telling Emu that both her and her ideas are dumb. Although she tries her best to remain positive, her brothers' cruel and relentless criticism does effect her and her self-esteem quite severely. It's also shown that Emu does seem to be quite sensitive to rejection and disapproval, even when indirect, which may well be another outcome of this criticism .

Though at first she is quick to disregard her own insecurities in favour of trying to put on a smile at all times, as she becomes closer with her bandmates she starts to become more comfortable with them. Having found a group of people that share her goal of restoring the park to its' former glory, Emu expresses extreme gratitude for her friends and their support. Eventually she asserts that the group is one of the most important things to her, trusting them enough to finally open up about the impact her brothers' negativity has had, crying to her friends as she lets her feelings out.

Emu also seems to have somewhat of a keen intuition when it comes to the sincerity of someone's smile, though she doesn't seem to be fully aware of it. This is shown in her first encounter with Asahina Mafuyu, whom she meets through the Sports Festival. Upon meeting, Emu is quick to become terrified of Mafuyu when she realises her smile does not seem to be genuine, noting that: "She's smiling... but I-I wonder why it doesn't look like she is actually smiling..."

She is shown to have great admiration for her grandpa.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Emu interacts with in the game.

Tsukasa (icon).pngNene (icon).pngRui (icon).pngMafuyu (icon).pngHonami (icon).pngMiku wxs (icon).pngKaito wxs (icon).pngLen (icon).pngMeiko (icon).pngRin (icon).pngLuka (icon).pngHaruka (icon).pngSaki (icon).pngIchika (icon).pngShiho (icon).pngMinori (icon).pngAiri (icon).pngShizuku (icon).pngKohane (icon).png


Tenma Tsukasa: Emu's fellow group member and friend. They're working together with a goal to restore the Phoenix Wonderland Stage to its former glory. Emu likes his loud personality and finds him fun to be around, to Tsukasa's occasional annoyance. She is also shown to have a great amount of admiration for him after he defends her and the stage against her brothers. It's shown Emu seems to look up to him, appreciative of his kindness towards his own younger sister in comparison to her own brothers' more neglectful attitude towards her.

Kusanagi Nene: Emu's fellow group member and friend. Emu thinks she's extremely talented in her singing, while Nene nicknames Emu as weirdo alongside the rest of the group. Despite this, Nene is shown to genuinely care very much for her, quick to stand up for her when it comes to her brothers which Emu is very grateful for. They are close friends and Nene wants to help Emu achieve her goal.

Kamishiro Rui: Emu's fellow group member and friend. Emu is impressed by his over-the-top tendencies and thinks he is cool, while Rui thinks she's wonderfully bizarre. Within the members of the group, Rui seems to be the most passive when confronting her brothers, but isn't hesitant to deal a hit after asking them to stop their attitude.

Mochizuki Honami: Friends and classmates from 1-B.

Kiritani Haruka: Friends following the Miyamasuzaka Sports Fes event.

Asahina Mafuyu: An upperclassman Emu was paired with for the 3-legged race during the sports festival. She can tell that Mafuyu's smiles aren't real, and is outright terrified of her as a result. Despite finding Mafuyu scary, she expresses a desire to make her genuinely smile, though her efforts don't always work out.

Tenma Saki: Emu thinks of her as a friend, trying to keep her happiness with the dome after her brother talk about removing it.


Emu is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the SEKAI versions of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
Sweet Magic Junky 09/30/2020
Bouken no Sho ga Kiemashita! JesusP 09/30/2020
Dance Robot Dance NayutalieN 10/07/2020
Miracle Paint OSTER Project 10/13/2020
Chururira Chururira Daddadda! KurageP 01/03/2021
Positive☆Dance Time kinoshita 02/19/2021
Oki ni Mesu mama Eve 04/05/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Sekai wa Mada Hajimatte sura Inai PinocchioP 09/30/2020
Potato ni Natte iku Neru 11/07/2020
Once Upon A Dream YASUHIRO 02/28/2021
Tondemo Wonders sasakure.UK 06/19/2021


  • Sometimes, Emu inserts Japanese onomatopoeia when explaining something.
  • She is tied with Kagamine Rin for being the shortest of all the 26 main characters, being 152 cm.

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【ワンダーランズ×ショウタイム】鳳 えむ(CV.木野 日菜)

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