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This contains a list of cards currently included in Project SEKAI. Each link contains 50 cards.

To see the list of cards grouped per band, see Groups.

Card List Starting Card Ending Card Card List Starting Card Ending Card
1-50 Distant Yet Caring icon.png Loved By Music icon.png 51-100 25-ji, Nightcord de. (Kanade) icon.png Panda Rider icon.png
101-150 Wonder Wand icon.png Welcome to the Nightmare icon.png 151-200 I'll Introduce You! icon.png An Invitation to Relax icon.png
201-250 Passionate Call! icon.png Smiles I Want to Protect icon.png 251-300 The Same Dango as That Day icon.png Phoeniland Night Date icon.png
301-350 Within the First Snow icon.png The "Legend" We Came to Know icon.png 351-400 Vocalizing Your Heart's Excitement icon.png Maybe Tickling Would Help? icon.png
401-450 Premonition That's Right on Target icon.png Happy Birthday!! (An) icon.png 451-500 The Target Won't Get Away icon.png