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Satou Hinata (佐藤 日向) is a voice actress, singer, actress and model from Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. She voices Akiyama Mizuki in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! She is affiliated with Amuse.


At age 8, she was a child actress for very large companies' CM's like Olympus, Tokyo Gas and McDonald's. She joined Amuse in 2008 and in April 2010, she successfully auditioned for the growth idol unit Sakura Gakuin as a founding member. She graduated from Sakura Gakuin in March 2014 as well as the subunits, Kagaku Kyumei Kiko Logica? and Twinklestars.

In 2014, she made her voice acting debut by voicing Karasawa Rin, a major character in the anime Kutsudaru. She formed the unit Maboroshi☆Love with three other cast members.

Some of Hinata's other roles include:


  • Her nicknames are Hii-chan and Hinahina.
  • Hinata is currently learning English and translating her social media posts in English.
  • Hinata has two dogs, one which is known as Ribbon-chan (りぼんちゃん).
  • She is known for playing and filming pranks on other members of her projects she is working with, which include surprising them with her camera or asking them to say something funny within a few seconds.
  • Whenever moving to the Niigata Prefecture, she longed to be a catalog model after seeing soon to be fellow Sakura Gakuin member, Muto Ayami.