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Shiraishi An is female Shiraishi An is a member of Vivid BAD SQUAD

"I know we have what it takes to put on the best show ever!"
―Shiraishi An

Shiraishi An (白石杏) is a first-year student at Kamiyama High School. She is part of the street music group Vivid BAD SQUAD.


An's father is a former musician who is popular in the street music scene in Shibuya. She hopes to one day surpass him. She met with Kohane when she visited An's fathers cafe and invited her to form a group after hearing her sing known as the "VIVIDS", before joining with Akito and Touya to become "Vivid BAD SQUAD"


An has orange eyes and long black hair with blue tips, worn loose and has a little stars around her hair.

An's outfit consists of a black shirt tucked into her white shorts with neon green accents, two black straps on each side hooked to the front and back of her shorts, and a blue-green and white oversized jacket which has the word "HEADS" printed on its left sleeve and neon green accented strings. She also wears a pair of neon green headphones around her neck and white sneakers. She has many star shaped barrettes in her hair.


An is a cool and candid girl with an unyielding spirit. She acts very bubbly towards her close friends and is very kind and forgiving. However, she can still sometimes act very aggressive towards Akito as they used to be rivals.

Game Interactions

A list of characters An interacts with in the game.

Kohane (icon).pngAkito (icon).pngTouya (icon).pngRin (icon).pngLen vbs (icon).pngMiku vbs (icon).pngMeiko vbs (icon).pngMizuki (icon).pngHaruka (icon).pngNene (icon).pngRui (icon).pngTsukasa (icon).png


Azusawa Kohane: Fellow group member. They're very close friends and An encouraged Kohane to change. They consider each other partners, and while An tends to be overprotective towards her, she is learning to rely on her more equally.

Shinonome Akito: Fellow group member and friend from middle school. They're rivals and often bicker over who's the best.

Aoyagi Touya: Fellow group member. An recognizes his skill but wonders why he's always with Akito.

Kiritani Haruka: She used to be friends with her since elementary school but separated in middle school. They still hang out together outside of school.

Akiyama Mizuki: Close friends and classmates from 1-A. An invites them to the school carnival with the reassurance that they won't stand out too much with everyone in costume.


An is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the SEKAI versions of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
Rettou Joutou Giga 09/30/2020
Just Be Friends Dixie Flatline 10/03/2020
ECHO Crusher-P 01/02/2021
drop pop candy Giga / Reol 02/15/2021
Traffic Jam Niru Kajitsu 06/30/2021
Children Record Jin 08/23/2021
Akuma no Odorikata Tatsuya Kitani 10/08/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Forward R Sound Design 11/30/2020

Song Name Composer Date Released
Ready Steady Giga 09/30/2020
RAD DOGS Hachioji-P 01/31/2021
Cinema Ayase 05/08/2021
Beat Eater Police Piccadilly 07/09/2021

Introduction Video


【Vivid BAD SQUAD】白石 杏(CV.鷲見 友美ジェナ)

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