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I have a lot of names, but you can call me Aster or by my username Vixhr. i go by he/him pronouns. im an admin

I became a fan of Project SEKAI in August 2020. I saw the Buriki no Dance 3DMV on twitter and said "wow this game has men im gonna check it out"

My favorite characters are the members of MORE MORE JUMP!, but I like everyone.

I've been editing on Fandom since the end of 2020, and joined this wiki in May 2021. I'm also a template designer and contributor on the D4DJ wiki. I usually do things related to events and cards here, as well as making CSS designs, so I'm not the best when it comes to describing and elaborating on articles. Sometimes, I go inactive if there isn't anything that I "need" to do, but I'll do my best to upkeep pages.

Some of the things I've made on here that I really like are the gacha card and the mainpage new cards. If there's anything design-wise that could improve the wiki, you're welcome to let me know at my message wall.

I'm horrible at talking formally so don't take my words to heart - while I'm the most active admin, I recommend talking to literally anyone else but me.

I have an obsession with DPL which in turn makes me more lazy, but it's cool right

I like watching VTubers, specifically NIJISANJI (🦊👟🏆🌹) so if you also like nijisanji lets be friends! (mysta oshis hmu please)

contact: message wall or discord. if we dont know each other personally / its a wiki related issue, go to my message wall instead

(also sorry if i sound rude or dry sometimes i live under a rock)


  • I came up with this username when I was typing random letters for a Carrd URL and chose "Vixhr" because it sounds like Fixer.
  • My all time, number 1 oshi is Mysta Rias. He's precious but I don't like his underage ESL fujoshi fanbase.
  • I'm on the /vt/ board on 4chan fairly often, but I don't post because I can't understand the CAPTCHA.
  • The only characters on my kinlist are Mayoi Ayase and Fukushima Noa. Do with that what you will.
  • My dentist forced me to watch Hunter x Hunter and now I'm in love with Kurapika.
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To-do list

  • jp/en/tw/kr titles on event page
  • upload high quality event banners and move event pages
  • Costume previews
  • Add CopyLyrics fix to all pages
  • Fix up the mainpage
  • Fix {{Costume}}
  • CSS
  • typewriter effect on my profile.. hahaha (<- insane)
  • Fix whatever the hell I did with the filename format
  • Correct other people's edits

I'm not very good at focusing on big projects so some things on here will take a while to complete


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