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Utakata Mirai is the winning song of the 3rd round of the ProSEKA NEXT song contest. The theme it won was "free".


Easy.png Easy Lv 8 232 notes
Normal.png Normal Lv 12 354 notes
Hard.png Hard Lv 17 559 notes
Expert.png Expert Lv 25 750 notes
Master.png Master Lv 29 903 notes




『泡沫未来』(難易度:HARD) プレイ動画を一部先行公開!


gaitou miwatasu kokoro wa koborete
dare hitori tachidomaranai rasen jam
nanzenkai mo cast the dice saa, maware speedy cat
kaze o yomu you ni senritsu kanade

Disaster! akai tobira hiraita sono saki e

kakete mitai? kono hoshi no starlight
ai sae mo kasumu kurai sakasete
saa, give me a true life dakishimete midnight
koyoi, kachitotte yuku utakata mirai

街灯見渡す 心は零れて
何千回もcast the dice さあ、廻れspeedy cat

Disaster!赤い扉 開いたその先へ

賭けてみたい? この惑星のstarlight
さあ、give me a true life 抱きしめてmidnight
今宵、勝ち取ってゆく 泡沫未来

English Translation by Hiraethie and Violet330

Looking out over the street lights, my heart is overflowing
The spiral jam stops no one in their tracks
Cast the dice thousands of times. Come, spin around dear speedy cat
Play the melody as if you can predict what happens in the future

Disaster! The red door opened and beyond that...

Want to take a bet? To this star’s (planet’s) starlight
Let even love bloom until it grows hazy
Now, give me a true life and embrace me at midnight
On this night, we will win ourselves a transient future