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"Singers through whom the creators of the world express their songs and feelings."

VIRTUAL SINGER is a group consisting of all Piapro Characters.


Hatsune Miku and her friends exist in the real world as Virtual Singers and live in the Sekai. They sing songs from creators all over the world. They appear inside Sekai of the groups in familiar and unfamiliar forms and help young people discover their true feelings.

Each virtual singer is in one or more of the 6 groups, they are sorted as:

In The Real World

Miku and her friends are virtual singers whom producers in our world can use to sing and express the songs that they create. Because anyone, anywhere can listen to the songs that they sing in any form of media, they have become very much known and loved by all.

In the "Sekai"

Miku and her friends exists in many different forms in each of the different "sekai" worlds, each one answering the wishes of the who want to turn their feelings into songs. The "sekai" are where the true feelings of the creators take on a physical form, and it's there that the virtual singers help them realize their these feelings and sing together with them.


While the Virtual Singers do not have their own Sekai, they are associated with a blank Sekai, complimenting the main aesthetic of the game

VSinger sekai.jpg


Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Len
Megurine Luka


Song Name Composer Date Added
Blessing halyosy 2020/09/30
Tell Your World kz (livetune) 2020/09/30
Next Nest Satsuki ga Tenkomori 2020/09/30
Hand in Hand kz (livetune) 2020/09/30
Melt ryo 2020/09/30
Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu cosMo@Bousou-P 2020/09/30
alive Ichinose Rupo 2020/09/30
World is Mine ryo 2020/10/06
Gimme×Gimme Hachioji-P / Giga 2020/10/10
Junky Night Town Orchestra 3 2020/10/12
on the rocks OSTER Project 2020/10/14
39 Music! Mikito-P 2020/10/16
Leia Yuyoyuppe 2020/10/18
Rolling Girl wowaka 2020/11/14
Ura Omote Lovers wowaka 2020/11/21
Unknown Mother Goose wowaka 2020/11/23
Aisarenakute mo Kimi ga Iru Pinocchio-P 2020/11/30
ODDS&ENDS ryo 12/24/2020
Greenlights Serenade Omoi 12/29/2020
*Hello, Planet. 12/31/2020
Senbonzakura Kurousa-P 01/01/2021
Bless Your Breath KurageP 01/04/2021
World's End Dancehall wowaka 01/14/2021
Hibikase Giga / Reol 01/18/2021
Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪ (Shite Yan Yo) ika_mo


  • Miku is the only Virtual Singer that was in every sekai from the beginning. As of Break Time for the Hardworking You! Meiko is also in every sekai, as well as Rin since Unnamed Harmony.
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD was the group with the most virtual singers at launch with Miku, Len, and MEIKO.
  • 25-ji, Nightcord de. was the only group with only one virtual singer at launch.
  • Rin and Len are partly in another unit, Rin with Vivid, and Len with Wonderlands.
  • Wonderlands x Showtime is the only group performing with each of the virtual singers at least once.

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