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"Singers through whom the creators of the world express their songs and feelings."

VIRTUAL SINGERS, often referred to as Vocaloids, are a group consisting entirely of Piapro Characters.


Hatsune Miku and her group exist as Virtual Singers in the real world helping boys and girls find their “true feelings”. The Mikus found in each Sekai are somehow different. Meet them all and hear their thoughts.
—Colorful Stage Site

Hatsune Miku and her friends exist in the real world as VIRTUAL SINGERS — synthetic vocals/singing AI that are used as singers by producers around the world — and live in digital worlds called SEKAI. They appear in different forms inside SEKAI to help young people discover their true feelings.

Each VIRTUAL SINGER is in at least 4 of the 5 groups. They appear in order as:

Miku ln (icon).pngLuka ln (icon).png   MEIKO ln (icon).pngRin ln (icon).pngKAITO ln (icon).pngLen ln (icon).png
Moremorejumplogo.png Miku mmj (icon).pngRin mmj (icon).png   Luka mmj (icon).pngMEIKO mmj (icon).pngLen mmj (icon).pngKAITO mmj (icon).png
Vividbadsquadlogo.png Miku vbs (icon).pngLen vbs (icon).pngMeiko vbs (icon).png   Rin vbs (icon).pngKAITO vbs (icon).pngLuka vbs (icon).png
Wxs en logo.png Miku wxs (icon).pngKaito wxs (icon).png   Len wxs (icon).pngMEIKO wxs (icon).pngRin wxs (icon).pngLuka wxs (icon).png
25ji en logo.png
Miku 25 (icon).png   Rin 25 (icon).pngMEIKO 25 (icon).pngLuka 25 (icon).pngLen (icon).png

In The Real World

Miku and her friends are VIRTUAL SINGERS whom producers in the real world world can use to sing and express the songs that they create. Because anyone, anywhere, can listen to the songs that they sing in any form of media, they have become well known and beloved by all.[1]


Miku and her friends exists in many different forms across each of the different SEKAI worlds, each one answering the wishes of those who are trying to discover their true feelings. The SEKAI are where the true feelings of the creators take on a physical form, and it's there that the VIRTUAL SINGERS help them realize these feelings and sing together with them.


While the VIRTUAL SINGERS do not have their own SEKAI, they are associated with a Blank SEKAI, complimenting the main aesthetic of the game. When speaking directly to the player, Miku appears here.

Background Between Worlds.png


Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Len
Megurine Luka

Other Virtual Singers

The following is a list of other voicebanks featured in VIRTUAL SINGER versions of songs that do not make a visible appearance in the game or in SEKAI versions of songs.


Song Name Producer Date Added (JP) Date Added (EN)
Tell Your World kz 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Next Nest Satsuki ga TENKOMORI 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu cosMo@BousouP 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Melt ryo 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Blessing halyosy 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
World is Mine ryo 2020/10/06 2021/12/12
Hand in Hand kz 2020/10/08 2021/12/17
Gimme×Gimme HachiojiP, Giga, q*Left 2020/10/10 2021/12/19
Junky Night Town Orchestra Surii 2020/10/12 2021/12/21
On the rocks OSTER project 2020/10/14 2021/12/23
39 Music! mikitoP 2020/10/16 2021/12/25
Leia - Remind Yuyoyuppe 2020/10/19 2021/12/27
Rolling Girl wowaka 2020/11/14 2022/01/03
Ura Omote Lovers wowaka 2020/11/21 2022/01/24
Unknown Mother Goose wowaka 2020/11/23 2022/01/25
Aisarenakute mo Kimi ga Iru PinocchioP 2020/11/30 2022/03/18
ODDS&ENDS ryo 2020/12/24 2022/01/13
Greenlights Serenade Omoi, Sakurai 2020/12/29 2021/12/29
*Hello, Planet. sasakure.UK 2020/12/31 2022/01/05
Senbonzakura Kurousa 2021/01/01 2022/01/01
Bless Your Breath Wada Takeaki (KurageP) 2021/01/04 2022/01/11
World's End Dancehall wowaka 2021/01/14 2022/01/26
Hibikase Giga, Reol 2021/01/18 2022/01/09
Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪ (Shite Yan Yo) ika_mo 2021/03/09 2022/03/09
Hatsune Miku no Gekishou cosMo@BousouP, GAiA 2021/03/30 2022/01/15
Roshin Yuukai iroha(sasaki), kuma(alfred) 2021/10/01
Haikei Doppelganger kemu 2021/10/05
TOKIO FUNKA takamatt 2021/10/07
Dareka no Shinzou ni Nareta Nara YurryCanon 2021/10/09
Migikata no Chou noripy, Mizuno Yura 2021/10/11
Hatsune Tenchikaibyaku Shinwa cosMo@BousouP 2021/11/05
Aku no Musume mothy 2021/12/13
Aku no Meshitsukai mothy 2021/12/14
Cendrillon -10th Anniversary- Dios/Signal-P, orange 2022/01/01
Miku (Anamanaguchi) Anamanaguchi, Peter B, Ary W, Josh K, David M & Stella M 2022/03/09 2021/12/24
Matryoshka Hachi 2022/03/30
Donut Hole Hachi 2022/03/31
Suna no Wakusei Hachi 2022/04/01
Luka Luka ★ Night Fever SAM (samfree) 2022/04/02
Piano×Forte×Scandal OSTER project 2022/04/03
Sennen no Dokusouka yanagi 2022/04/04
Kimiiro Marine Snow Carlos Hakamada 2022/05/02
Black ★ Rock Shooter ryo 2022/05/10
Noushou Sakuretsu Girl rerulili 2022/06/30
Bokura no 16bit Sensou sasakure.UK 2022/07/01
Fräulein=Biblioteca nyanyannya 2022/07/30
Goodbye Circus-P EN Exclusive 2022/06/07
Copycat Circus-P EN Exclusive 2022/06/17

Song Name Producer Date Added (JP) Date Added (EN)
Magic number Itou Kent, OSTER project 2021/09/01
Machine Gun Poem Doll cosMo@BousouP 2021/10/03
Saribitotachi no Waltz mothy 2021/12/15

Song Name Producer Date Added (JP) Date Added (EN)
Brand New Day irucaice 2021/02/22 2022/02/14
Hana wo Utau shino 2021/04/26 2022/04/16
Utakata Mirai Kaga (NegiShowerP) 2021/06/14 2022/06/30
Sou Datta!! Takenoto Shounen 2021/08/06 2022/08/04
Sick of House! OZON 2021/10/22
Last Score Sekikomi Gohan 2021/12/20
Mikansei Sanka Shaito 2022/06/24
Soredemo Ii nda yo Ponchi♪ TBD


  • Miku is the only Virtual Singer that appears in every SEKAI from launch.
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD is the group with the most VIRTUAL SINGERS at launch with Miku, Len, and MEIKO.
  • 25-ji, Nightcord de. is the only group with only one VIRTUAL SINGER at launch.
  • Rin and Len both appear in area conversations of another unit despite not appearing in the main story, Rin with Vivid BAD SQUAD, and Len with Wonderlands x Showtime.
  • Wonderlands x Showtime is the only group to perform with each of the VIRTUAL SINGERS at least once.
  • All Vocaloids that make a visual appearance in the game are produced by Crypton Future Media.
  • The VIRTUAL SINGERs within unit SEKAI are not the same people as their base Piapro forms, but instead different versions of the same character that can interact with one another.[2]
    • The VIRTUAL SINGERs refer to alternate SEKAI versions of themselves with first-person pronouns even when they are speaking to them directly, indicating that they believe themselves to be the same person.[3]
  • The Piapro VIRTUAL SINGERS are shown to be able to watch over what their SEKAI variants are doing in their respective SEKAI, as the SEKAI VIRTUAL SINGERs are confined to their respective SEKAI and under normal circumstances are not able to meet.[4]

4★ Unit

Unit 1.svg Miku (icon).png Rin (icon).png Len (icon).png Luka (icon).png Meiko (icon).png Kaito (icon).png

The Big Debut T icon.png Wonder ☆ Christmas! T icon.png Straightforward Lyrics T icon.png

All To See You Smile T icon.png Cupid Of Friendship T icon.png

Sparkling Curiosity☆ T icon.png One Moment After School T icon.png

A Tailor Driven Mad by Jealousy T icon.png

Tell Me About Your Christmas ♪ T icon.png Necessary Distance T icon.png Talking Coffee Time T icon.png The Hint for the Project Meeting is a Rabbit!? T icon.png

Delicious Pancakes for Everybody! T icon.png


In a Place Where Feelings Overlap T icon.png

The Arrogant Princess T icon.png Be Quiet During the Film! T icon.png

Prince Of The Stage T icon.png Irrepressible Interest T icon.png

Wiping Away Twilight Rain T icon.png Doing Things My Own Way T icon.png

The Evil Food Eater T icon.png

Secret Guidance T icon.png A Session That Speaks With Sounds T icon.png


The Petals Dancing in the Wind T icon.png

A Tomboyish Melody T icon.png That Girl in the Photo Album T icon.png

The Twin Servant T icon.png Surrounded by Spring-Colored Sweets T icon.png

Words of Encouragement T icon.png Cherry Blossoms on the Blackboard T icon.png

Third Senpai T icon.png

A Chat With The Lost T icon.png A Lively DJ Appears? T icon.png It's Alright, Everyone T icon.png


Time To Cheer! T icon.png Powerful Smile T icon.png An Evolving Tone T icon.png Guide to the SEKAI's Costume Room♪ T icon.png

Heated Argument T icon.png

Absolute Strongest Duo?! T icon.png

Elegant Smile T icon.png Longing for the Sea T icon.png

To All Your Hard Work T icon.png

A Little Unfamiliar Buzz T icon.png


Severed Thread T icon.png Even the Words You Don’t Want to Hear T icon.png

May This Singing Voice Reach You T icon.png Needs to be Relied on More♪ T icon.png

New Troupe Member! T icon.png My Dancing Shoes! T icon.png With a Hidden Greeting T icon.png

A New Member Arrives ♪ T icon.png A Kappa’s Favorite Thing? T icon.png

Where's That Crying Coming From? T icon.png First, Let's Strengthen Our Abdominals! T icon.png

The Greedy Judge T icon.png


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