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"A talented group of street artists who teamed up to surpass a legend."

Vivid BAD SQUAD, often abbreviated to VBS, is a unit of street musicians formed together with the goal of surpassing the legendary event RAD WEEKEND.


「プロジェクトセカイ」Vivid BAD SQUAD ユニットPV


Three young talented musicians from different backgrounds and a meek girl. Their ultimate goal is to surpass the “Legend”. Watch them as they rise to the top of the concrete jungle!
—Colorful Stage Site

Azusawa Kohane gets lost while purchasing a CD for her mom, stumbling upon Shiraishi An and her fellow musicians performing inside Weekend Garage's backstage area. Though captivated by their singing, she runs away when confronted by An out of shyness. Coming back a week later, An still remembers Kohane and performs for her, also inviting the girl to sing. An realizes the potential Kohane has when singing, inviting her to form a band in her dream to surpass a legendary event dubbed RAD WEEKEND. She agrees, thus forming their duo group, Vivids. They also happen to meet BAD DOGS, Shinonome Akito and Aoyagi Toya, on the same day.

Akito invites the girls to attend an event, both girls accepting the offer. While forming a set list of songs in a playlist, Kohane discovers a song without a title, "Untitled." Upon attempting to download the song, An and Kohane get transported to SEKAI. The girls are greeted by Hatsune Miku, then MEIKO, who came to investigate the area. While resting in the Crase Cafe and being explained of their situation, Kagamine Len bursts into the conversation complaining about Kagamine Rin. In the middle of introductions, An realizes that she left Weekend Garage unattended, forcing an end to their time together. Kohane and An give their thanks for the singers' time, and leave.


The Street SEKAI is a multiple-alleyway area with walls of graffiti and posters, some being RAD WEEKEND posters. In an area conversation[1], there are multiple secret alleys to enter and exit from. One of the streets is known to have good acoustics, which Hatsune Miku frequently sings at. Going down into the alleyway leads to a cafe MEIKO operates, named Crase Cafe.

Crase Cafe is located at the end of what seems to be three to four alleyways- one of which being where the members join the world. Outside of the cafe, there are two wooden round tables with red chairs set up. Inside, there is a corner island with several red stool bar chairs. There are two rows of cabinets, the lower row being completely visible with different cups, jars, and bottles. There is a pale grey couch at the back of the cafe with two pillows on one side, one a pale blue and pastel orange[2] with a chalkboard with the menu hanging above it, a bookshelf with presumably cookbooks just across. There are four tables inside with multiple different styled chairs. The main light sources are the windows, though there are overhead lamps and lightbulbs.

Oddly enough, the cafe has two different types of doors. In the game's SEKAI world, the cafe uses sliding collapsible glass doors, it being open and free to walk in anytime. In the stories, the door changes to a French full glass panel door with long or paneled windows, the characters having to open the door to enter. The reason why the doors are designed like this are unknown, however it could be due to make the story seem more realistic with pull doors instead of it being wide open. Also, the sliding doors allow players to see the inside of Crase Cafe in the game.

You can decorate the SEKAI with a cafe signboard reading "Weekend Garage," an old DJing set, Ken's CDs, a pair of microphones, a cafe handbell, Len's headphones, a coffee grinder, RAD WEEKEND flyers, Vivid Street graffiti, and music speakers.

Background Street SEKAI.png
Background Crase Cafe.png

Area Items

Image Kanji English Level Effect (Max) Character/Unit Charm Type
カフェの看板 Cafe Signboard 30% Boost on all stats Azusawa Kohane
古びたDJセット Old DJing Set 30% Boost on all stats Shiraishi An
謙さんのCD Ken's CDs 30% Boost on all stats Shinonome Akito
2本のマイク Pair of Mics 30% Boost on all stats Aoyagi Toya
カフェのハンドベル Cafe Handbell 6% Boost on all stats Hatsune Miku
レンのヘッドフォン Len's Headphones 30% Boost on all stats Kagamine Len
コーヒーミル Coffee Grinder 30% Boost on all stats MEIKO
『RAD WEEKEND』のフライヤー RAD WEEKEND Flyer 7.5% Boost on all stats Vivid BAD SQUAD
グラフィティ Graffiti 7.5% Boost on all stats Vivid BAD SQUAD
ミュージックスピーカー Music Speakers 1.5% Boost on all stats VIRTUAL SINGER



Azusawa Kohane
Shiraishi An
Shinonome Akito
Aoyagi Toya

Virtual Singers

Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Len
Kagamine Rin
Megurine Luka


Song Name Producer Date Added (JP) Date Added (EN)
Rettou Joutou Giga, Reol 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Doctor=Funk Beat nyanyannya 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Fragile nulut 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Just Be Friends Dixie Flatline 2020/10/03 2021/12/10
Yobanashi Deceive JIN 2020/10/09 2021/12/18
ECHO CRUSHER P 2021/01/02 2021/12/31
Drop pop candy Giga, Reol 2021/02/15 2022/02/07
Ifuudoudou Umetora 2021/03/15 2022/03/14
Yuurei Tokyo Ayase 2021/05/03 2022/05/27
Traffic Jam Niru Kajitsu 2021/06/30 2022/07/03
Children Record JIN 2021/08/23 2022/08/24
Akuma no Odorikata Kitani Tatsuya 2021/10/08
Alter Ego Misumi 2021/11/10
Garando Picon 2022/01/03
Odo Giga, DECO*27 2022/02/04
Ame to Petra balloon 2022/03/22
PaⅢ.SENSATION Yunosuke, Gyuuniku 2022/04/18
Aun no Beats Hanyuu Maigo 2022/06/06
YY 23.exe TBD

Song Name Producer Date Added (JP) Date Added (EN)
Ready Steady Giga, q*Left 2020/09/30 2021/12/07
Forward R Sound Design 2020/12/08 2022/01/08
RAD DOGS HachiojiP, q*Left 2021/01/31 2022/03/06
Cinema Ayase 2021/05/08 2022/05/24
Beat Eater Police Piccadilly 2021/07/09 2022/07/12
Mirai Yuukisan 2021/12/29
Flyer! Chinozo 2022/02/16
Gekkou Kitani Tatsuya 2022/05/20
Awake Now Yunosuke, Gyuuniku 2022/05/31
Machi jon-YAKITORY 2022/07/19


  • Vivid BAD SQUAD is the only unit to start with three VIRTUAL SINGERS in their SEKAI aside from Miku, as Street SEKAI had MEIKO, Rin and Len at launch.
  • MEIKO and Len share the role of being the main virtual singers for Street SEKAI.
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD is the second to get an extra Virtual Singer, the first being Wonderlands x Showtime , doing so with the game's launch.
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD is the fourth unit to have all six VIRTUAL SINGERs in its SEKAI, after MORE MORE JUMP!
  • While An, Toya, and Akito attend Kamiyama High School, Kohane attends Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy.
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD is the only unit to have their casual outfit as their unit outfits.
  • Both MORE MORE JUMP! and Vivid BAD SQUAD members have the same base theme colors, but in different tones:
    • Akito (amber orange) and Minori (peach orange)
    • Toya (sapphire blue) and Haruka (baby blue)
    • Kohane (ruby pink) and Airi (light pink)
    • An (turquoise blue) and Shizuku (mint blue)
  • The unit's names are based on the changing seasons (Akito as autumn, Toya as winter, Kohane as spring, and An as summer).
  • Vivivd BAD SQUAD was the first unit to have a unit-specific café collaboration in real life (WEEKEND GARAGE E-DINER Collaboration).

4★ Unit

Unit 4.svg Kohane (icon).png An (icon).png Akito (icon).png Toya (icon).png Virtualsingerlogo.png

Awakening My Inner Strength T icon.png With the First Sunrise of the Year on My Back T icon.png I Got Praised ♪ T icon.png

Words For My Partner T icon.png Former Enthusiasm T icon.png

The Enthusiasm in Hand T icon.png

A Love Song Dedicated to You T icon.png Unimaginable Handling of Puyos T icon.png

Talking Coffee Time T icon.png Delicious Pancakes for Everybody! T icon.png


The "Legend" We Came to Know T icon.png

Intimate Feeling T icon.png Gentle Memories T icon.png

Waiting For You T icon.png Chocolate Making Without Compromises T icon.png An Act of Morning Practice T icon.png

Maybe Someday T icon.png Vocalizing Your Heart's Excitement T icon.png

Irrepressible Interest T icon.png Be Quiet During the Film! T icon.png


A Secret Between Just You and I T icon.png

Because We're Teammates T icon.png

A Night of Defeat T icon.png

Feelings That Had Been Swallowed T icon.png

A Lively DJ Appears? T icon.png Surrounded by Spring-Colored Sweets T icon.png


Chasing After Everyone T icon.png Emu Style? The Art of Dancing! T icon.png

BBQ With Everyone ♪ T icon.png Wrapped in Pure White T icon.png

A Chat on a Winter Night T icon.png

A Bond Between Siblings T icon.png Outdoor Cooking! T icon.png

Heated Argument T icon.png Powerful Smile T icon.png Absolute Strongest Duo?! T icon.png To All Your Hard Work T icon.png


Once More, Together T icon.png

Despite Being Partners T icon.png Over the Fence T icon.png

Because We're Partners T icon.png Unchanging Summer Festival T icon.png

Faith in Believing T icon.png

My Dancing Shoes! T icon.png Even the Words You Don’t Want to Hear T icon.png


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