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Yoisaki Kanade is female Yoisaki Kanade is a member of 25-ji, Nightcord de.

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"…I must write more songs…"
―Yoisaki Kanade

Yoisaki Kanade (宵崎奏) is a home-schooled student. She's the composer of the underground music circle 25-ji, Nightcord de. going by the alias K.


Kanade experienced an event that left her traumatized as a musician. Ever since that incident she has been writing music to make others happy and started the music circle 25-ji, Nightcord de.


Kanade has blue eyes and very long, grayish-blue hair. Her fringe is tucked to both sides, save for a long section in the middle that almost reaches down to her nose, and her face is framed by a fairly long strand of hair on either side. Her unit outfit is a stylised school uniform, though she doesn’t attend school, and consists of a long, puffy jacket with a gradient that starts at white and fades to an ashy dark grey. Its hood is tied at the middle with a black and red ribbon. The sleeves are long enough for them to completely cover her hands in Kanade’s 3D model.

Her casual outfit features a jacket of similar length, but blue, striped with white, and partially unzipped. She wears a black shirt underneath.

Kanade has stated that her hair has grown to its knee-length because she sees cutting it to be a hassle. Similarly, she considers tying it up to also be a hassle, and, as a result, trips over it fairly often when she stands up.

Kanade’s expressions are slight, but noticeable. Her face generally stays at its resting state, as seen in her profile, but, though her mouth doesn’t move often, her eyes and eyebrows narrow and crease when she’s concerned or focused, widen and rise when she’s curious. Her mouth curves slightly when she smiles, and her eyes soften. Her body sways slightly as she moves from expression to expression.


Kanade appears to be very accepting and sympathetic towards her fellow circle members. She'd like to make other people happy with her music. Incredibly hardworking to the point of skipping sleep and overworking herself, she puts almost too much effort into her work.

Haunted by what her music had done to her father, as the cause of her trauma, Kanade swears to make music that could save anyone, as her father had told her. Her savior complex is evident where she feels like she's failed as a musician if her music does not serve her intended purpose to help others. Determined to save Mafuyu with her music, she swears that she will continue writing, even if her talent is a curse to her.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Kanade interacts with in the game.

Mafuyu (icon).pngEna (icon).pngMizuki (icon).pngMiku 25 (icon).pngRin (icon).pngMeiko (icon).pngLuka (icon).pngHonami (icon).pngIchika (icon).pngMinori (icon).pngKohane (icon).pngTsukasa (icon).png


Asahina Mafuyu: Fellow circle member. Kanade sympathizes with her.

Shinonome Ena: Fellow circle member. Kanade feels she hides her true feelings as she draws. Ena is grateful towards Kanade for seeing worth in her illustrations.

Akiyama Mizuki: Fellow circle member. Kanade thinks they only act on their own principles. Mizuki is grateful towards Kanade for accepting them as they are.

Mochizuki Honami: It is mentioned in Honami's character introduction that she runs a part time job as a housekeeper for Kanade.

Hoshino Ichika: They see each other in passing at a music store, and both think to themselves that the other has very pretty hair.


Kanade is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the SEKAI versions of the following songs:

Song Name Composer Date Released
Jishou Mushoku Sasanomaly 09/30/2020
Inochi ni Kirawarete iru. Kanzaki Iori 10/02/2020
Hitorinbo Envy koyori 12/14/2020
Yoru ni Kakeru Ayase 05/01/2021

Song Name Composer Date Released
Kuyamu to Kaite Mirai Mafumafu 09/30/2020
Jackpot Sad Girl syudou 11/20/2020
Infinitely Gray Surii 02/26/2021
ID Smile toa 04/19/2021
Kanade Tomosu Sora Sasanomaly 06/21/2021

Introduction Video


【25時、ナイトコードで。】宵崎 奏(CV.楠木 ともり)


  • She is the shortest member in 25-ji, Nightcord de., being 154 cm tall.
  • In Japanese culture, Kanade is known as a Hikikomori.
  • Along with Ena, Kanade has the least amount of cover songs she's featured in, only covering 3 songs.

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