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Yoshioka Mayu (吉岡 茉祐) is a voice actress, singer and actress from Osaka, Japan. She voices Kiritani Haruka in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! She is affiliated with 81 Produce.


During her childhood, she was a member of the Himawari Theatre Group, and appeared in dramas, commercials and magazines.

In 2012, Mayu auditioned for avex x 81produce's "Wake Up, Girls! AUDITION" 2nd Anisong Vocal Audition and was selected out of out of over 2,000 applicants total, together with 6 others. This audition granted her a role in the anime "Wake Up, Girls!" and the idol group of the same name.[1]

In 2016, she joined the idol group "D-selections". 

Some of Mayu's other roles include:


  • Her nicknames are Mayu-shii and Mayu-chan.


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